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13. Aug. 2011, 21:25

Thu 4 Aug – Wacken Open Air 2011

Well we arrived on Monday with 390 liters of beer in kegs plus a lot of beer in cans(approx. another 240 liters)...of course we had met, schnapps and whiskey too.

By Monday evening we had both fridges full plus the freezer running in our rectangle-shaped pavilion tent...was open on the eastside...made it easier for us when we wanted to bbq...our very large party-tent on the northside was turned into a metal disco with two 1000 watt speakers and over 30 000 songs to choose from...on the southside we had a round-shaped pavilion tent for our dispensing equipment ...nothing like beer from tap.

We were only 1 minute from the main gate in "Area P" and we entertained most of our neighbors...why?...from 2 AM in the morning until 8 to 9 AM we had Karaoke in our metal disco...everyone and anyone was invited...after-hours party...Oooh...I forgot to mention that we were a group from approx. 30 people from all over Germany...our next-door neighbors were from Switzerland...their first time at Wacken (Swiss drove 14hrs).

We went to the swimming pool on Teusday and Wednesday...on Wednesday in the swimming pool we saw Blaas of Glory...they got everyone up and singing...Ooops...almost forgot to mention that on Teusday there was a "Circle Pit" by the water fountian followed by a "Wall Of Death" in the shallow pool...and of course all the time you could enjoy watching all the crazy and sometimes naked people jumping from the 3-meter platform...water was ice-cold as usual...that's Wacken!!!

Just for fun we made a "Slow-Motion Zone" on the path next to out party-tent...most people put on a damm good show...enjoyed watching them from our camping chairs...the best ones got a free beer from us...we usually just chill-out until Thursday before the bands start playing in the afternoon.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

Bands that I saw at Wacken 2011 with grades for their live performance, 1-Excellent / 2-Good / 3-Okay / 4-Bad

WEDNESDAY>>> only saw Blaas of Glory-3 in the swimming pool.

THURSDAY>>> Kvelertak-1 / Onkel Tom Angelripper-2 / Helloween-2 / Blind Guardian-1 / Ozzy Osbourne-2

Best Band Thursday> Blind Guardian put on a damm good performance, best of the day..."The Bard's Song" kicks ass anytime...the crowd was louder then Hansi!



Extra note for Thursday:
1- Ozzy Osbourne > was good but not excellent...the best tunes were the from the Black Sabbath days...for example...War Pigs and Paranoid.

2- Kvelertak front man Erlend was crowd-surfing and singing at the same time...with a microphone with a very, very long cable...simply crazy!!!

FRIDAY>>> Primal Fear-2 / Suicidal Tendencies-2 / Morbid Angel-2 / Sodom-3 / Reliquiae-2 / Khold-3 / Judas Priest-1 / Triptykon-1 / Airbourne-1

Best Band Friday> I love Triptykon but the best of the day and probably the best show of all at Wacken 2011 was Judas Priest...no one sings like Halford...sad that they are on their farewell tour.




Extra notes for Friday:
3- Primal Fear > they put on a awesome show and almost got the best note...Ralf's singing is 98% Halford...outstanding job!

4- Suicidal Tendencies > reminded me of Rage Against The Machine...very solid performance.

5- Morbid Angel > the show was great but the new album is better...no harm meant...David did a good job as front man.

6- Airbourne > although it was dark this time around...Joel climbed upstairs anyway.

7- Triptykon > probably the only time in my life that a band put me into a trance...strange...very strange.

SATURDAY>>> Moonsorrow-3 / Triosphere-2 / The Haunted-1 / Torture Squad-2 / Stormzone-2 / Mayhem-2 / Iced Earth-1 / Sepultura-1 / Avantasia-2 / Kreator-1 / Tokyo Blade-3 / Venomin James-3 / Ghost-1

Best Band Saturday> Iced Earth was great...Sepultura was a bit better...but the victory goes to Kreator...but still I must say that the other two bands... or for that matter The Haunted and Ghost too were all excellent...Saturday was certainly a kick in the face...terrific!






Extra notes for Saturday:
8- Triosphere > really enjoyed seeing this band live...Ida has absolutely outstanding voice.

9- The Haunted > as live band totally awesome!!!

10- Torture Squad > there were a whole lot of fans from Brazil in that tent...atmosphere was perfect for some serious head-banging.

11- Mayhem > you got this strange feeling that when the singer Attila could come down from the stage...he would probably kill something (or someone).

12- Iced Earth > was a very emotional concert for Matt Barlow...was the last time he will ever sing Metal live for his fans...wish him lots of fun and success for the future.

13- Sepultura > their first time in Wacken and what for a butt-kicking performance...Derrick not only singed but played his own drums once in awhile...Samba!...Samba!

14- Avantasia > that was their last performance...Tobias will coming out with a new Edguy album in the near future.

15- Kreator > you got the feeling that Mille & Co. wanted to burn Wacken down...a totally brutal thrash attack!!!

16- Ghost > I'm sure glad I stayed up and saw this concert...simply cool...was totally happy afterwards...couldn't stop smiling and laughing at times...cool.

17- SIMPLY AWESOME, saw 28 bands (Saturday 13 bands seen...I know I'm a bit crazy) these year and 10 of them got the best grade possible...seems that Wacken is more fun from year to year.

Excellent live performances by Wacken 2011>
Judas Priest
Iced Earth
The Haunted
Blind Guardian

Don't forget the biggest...craziest...but most peaceful party in the world is in the first week of August...where else as in W A A A C K E E E N ! ! !

Hometown folks friendly and helpful as always...what a great little village.

Will be buying our tickets in September...Scorpions plan on playing their last gig in Germany there.
Rain or Shine...we will be there!



Thanx for taking the time to take a look at this.
Feel free to leave a comment.

Take care & RockOn Metalheadz - MIK ♪♫


  • hammerstrikebg

    Great! Sad I'm never going to attend Wacken :(

    14. Aug. 2011, 0:19
  • UalferingHC

    Nice report man!! I enjoyed Wacken this year more than last! 19 band I´ve seen! I think that the organisation grows from year to year more and that is for me positive! So next year I´ll come my 12th time to Wacken and will BLAST THE NORTH IN AUGUST!!!! See ya!

    14. Aug. 2011, 9:53
  • BigDaddy555666

    I agree Judas Priest were incredible - band of the festival. Kreator were also amazing. Ozzy though was a disaster.

    15. Aug. 2011, 14:00
  • kussmich

    Thanx MIK, great report !!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAACKEN !!!! =))

    15. Aug. 2011, 16:13
  • Brugalita83

    Thanks so much for your report with pictures and videos! It was amazing this year. WACKEN : OPEN : AIR 2012 \m/

    15. Aug. 2011, 19:42
  • karl-no

    Super awesome, man! :D I feel kinda coursed for not being there again this year and I'll probably not be able to go on 2012 as I'm thinking about moving from to another country (but still stay in the American continent). This report brought a huge smile to my face... just to remember those gorgeous gorgeous Scandinavian looking blonde chicks among the crownd on the live stream! ;D

    16. Aug. 2011, 2:07
  • AJ-Pain

    mann MIK mein freund...diesmal haste dich ja nochmal um gut 100% selbst übertroffen...was für ein geiler Report...und absolut super ausgewählte videos (Sepultura, Airborne, Judas Priest, Blind Guardian und und und...)...ich bin wirklich vollauf begeistert...und könnt heulen vor wut das ich es wieder nicht zu diesem spektakel der extraklasse geschafft hab...naja Wacken wird net sterben...und bevor ich abtret werd ich es mit sicherheit auch mal schaffen dabei zu sein...also nochmals vielen dank...das du mich auf diese art dran teilnehmen läßt...es grüßt dich dein buddy AJ...bleib wie du bist, denn so bist du perfekt!!!

    16. Aug. 2011, 16:13
  • meddallmike

    Nice videos and reports of Wacken!! No doubt about the special great awesome performances of Judas Priest, Airbourne and Blind Guardian....and many more bands too! Also really liked the swimming pool performance of our Metal heads this year. Never saw such a nice circle pit and wall of death in a swimming pool. Of course the jumps from the 3 m platform were incredible too! Rock on, meddallmike!

    16. Aug. 2011, 20:16

    Woooouhh! Mik Thanks for sharing the experience of Wacken 2011. One day look forward to seeing this great event HEAVY METAL. JUDAS PRIEST sure gave a great show brother! Greetings from Spain.!

    16. Aug. 2011, 21:42
  • Saxon-Thunder

    Impressive! thumbs up Mik for providing us with this.

    18. Aug. 2011, 11:21
  • backdoorman1985

    Incredible festival no shit!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of my fav bands were there. Judas Priest, Primal Fear, Morbid Angel, Kreator etc...

    18. Aug. 2011, 18:02
  • thyateirawarior

    Mik you are the man \m/ I will be there next year brother !!!!!! this is metal and life at it's finest you all inspire me like crazy \m/ see you in 2012

    19. Aug. 2011, 18:33
  • ArcTheseus

    Holy Shit!!!!! that's awesome dude! hope some day i will go to the mighty wacken!

    20. Aug. 2011, 4:56
  • jesterhead_

    This is amazing! Great report :D!!!

    21. Aug. 2011, 19:51
  • SnowShine

    Great report, fun to read. I really enjoyed Wacken this year. I think the best acts were Judas Priest and Kreator but a lot of other bands did awesome jobs as well.

    22. Aug. 2011, 1:00
  • Tular666

    Agree about Triptykon, Judas Priest and Ghost. And there are Shining, Onkel Tom, Motorhead and Knorkator among my favorites, I guess. There were a lot of excellent bands any way :)

    22. Aug. 2011, 22:44
  • kkkoen

    The trip worked out fine, we spent the first night at park site omega and got a nice camping spot at C. Judas Priest was great indeed :D good to know you enjoyed Wacken again, your report is nice as always.

    27. Aug. 2011, 17:24
  • Romulus_Odinson

    wow! Great synopsis about the show man. Someday I will go to Wacken....

    31. Aug. 2011, 15:30
  • metalico67

    Hi Mik !!! sorry my late answer ! woowwww Fantastic Festival !!!! WACKEN rulesssss , thanks for sharing !!! is awesome really !! have great metal week !! jc

    28. Sep. 2011, 2:25
  • lorenzog

    fucking sweet. it's a personal mecca. hope to make it soon. \m/

    11. Okt. 2011, 11:24
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