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Über mich

Villainous Records Ltd was founded in the UK, 1st February 2007 for the development of artists and their music, in the hope of eventually making a healthy profit.

Stationed in London (easily the best city in the world, it pisses all over Paris and New York), VR hopes to spread the word of such musical genius' as Cambian Dawn, Charlie Khan, Eric Mason, and the Martin Harley Band, and probably many more as yet uncharted regions of music, and yet undiscovered talent.

VR scouts roam far and wide (but only as far North as Watford), in order to find the best talent, and only the choicest cuts of music. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, it would seem as though the word 'Villainous' has indeed become a byword for quality, as well as crooked and downright degenerate.

Now as VR approaches the beginning of a new, who knows what the future holds? Fame and fortune? Or simply wine, women, and music? No one knows but Eric Mason.