White Rose MovementLondon's Mine Lieblingslied 45
The SoundI Can't Escape Myself Lieblingslied 44
Youth in AsiaWhen The Wind Blows Lieblingslied 43
Type O NegativeI Don't Wanna Be Me Lieblingslied 40
Christian DeathRomeo's Distress Lieblingslied 39
The SoundWords Fail Me Lieblingslied 39
Joy DivisionShe's Lost Control Lieblingslied 38
White Rose MovementLove Is A Number Lieblingslied 37
Sigur RósGong Lieblingslied 35
Algebra SuicidePlease Respect Our Decadence Lieblingslied 35
Love Like BloodLethal Radiation Lieblingslied 35
Arnaud LazlaudLes Invisibles Lieblingslied 35
BjörkHuman Behaviour Lieblingslied 34
Algebra SuicideLittle Dead Bodies Lieblingslied 32
Johnny HollowAlchemy Lieblingslied 32
FoetusTake it Outside Godboy Lieblingslied 31
The SoundMissiles Lieblingslied 31
Dead Can DanceIn Power We Trust the Love Advocated Lieblingslied 31
DiaframmaMemoria Lieblingslied 31
Cinema StrangeCatacomb Kittens Lieblingslied 30
David BowieLook Back in Anger Lieblingslied 30
Mary Goes RoundMary Sleeps Alone Lieblingslied 30
Johnny HollowSuperhero Lieblingslied 30
GrimesWeregild Lieblingslied 30
FoetusVerklemmt Lieblingslied 29
The CureFascination Street Lieblingslied 29
Dead Can DanceThe Fatal Impact Lieblingslied 29
Dead Can DanceIn Power We Entrust the Love Advocated Lieblingslied 29
Dead Can DanceThe Trial Lieblingslied 29
Pink Turns BlueCan't Be Love Lieblingslied 29
FoetusSteal Your Life Away Lieblingslied 28
CranesShining Road Lieblingslied 28
Wall of VoodooMexican Radio Lieblingslied 28
Sigur RosSæglópur Lieblingslied 28
Christian DeathSpiritual Cramp Lieblingslied 27
Dead Can DanceFortune Lieblingslied 27
Death in JuneAll Pigs Must Die Lieblingslied 27
Sigur RósGlósóli Lieblingslied 27
Death in Venicepale flesh Lieblingslied 27
Dead Can DanceEast of Eden Lieblingslied 26
Lydia LunchMechanical Flattery Lieblingslied 26
Bloody Dead and SexyBloody Rose Lieblingslied 26
BjörkVenus as a Boy Lieblingslied 26
PlaceboInfra-Red Lieblingslied 26
Scary BitchesScary Bitches: Lesbian Vampyres from Outer Space Lieblingslied 26
Dead Can DanceWild in the Woods Lieblingslied 25
Virgin PrunesUlakanakulot Lieblingslied 25
DiaframmaNeogrigio Lieblingslied 25
God Is An AstronautFire Flies and Empty Skies Lieblingslied 25
Arnaud LazlaudLe Malade-Roi Lieblingslied 25