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Alice GomezVisions 8. Jul. 2011
Mephisto WalzPorcelain God 8. Jul. 2011
DeadchovskySolène is a Batcave 8. Jul. 2011
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AstrovampsVampiria Lieblingslied 8. Jul. 2011
Sex Gang ChildrenPeople With Dirty Faces 8. Jul. 2011
Bone OrchardLove Has Sin 8. Jul. 2011
All Gone DeadThe Aftertaste 8. Jul. 2011
Tragic BlackFaith in Decay Lieblingslied 8. Jul. 2011
SexbeatPump (1984) kostenloser Download 8. Jul. 2011
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Über mich

well then. i like drawing and listening to music.
I love music heart and soul. I play guitar, piano, and violin. I look foward to beoming a tattoo artist. that would be lovely. i like dark artwork and im always painting or drawing. either that or im reading something... lenore! Roman degre is a genius. im very interested in gothic subculture. i also like writting poetry and short stories.
Im 13 and work at a coffee shop, overall i love artwork and enjoy good music. have a nice day. @}---'---,----
"keep in mind you are you, your different in your own way. never fall to conformity like so many idiots have already.