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24. Apr. 2011, 13:44

1. What's your favorite song by 15?
(シド) 蜜指 ~ミツユビ~

2. How did you get into 20?
(Breaking Benjamin) Ah... I can't really remember. I think it might have been when I went on a random search for some decent music.

3. Who is your favorite member in 1?
(Super Junior) YeSung

4. Whats your favorite lyric bit by 29?
(4minute) I have no clue.

5. Have you ever seen 22 live?
(雅-MIYAVI-) No. He was in Australia once, but nooo had to be in a different state. sigh ~

6. What's your favorite album from 10?
(2PM) 1:59PM

7. Do you own any merchandise from 3?
(宇多田ヒカル) Tbh, no.

8. What is a good memory you have of 7?
(the GazettE) Many. They were the band that got me completely obsessed with the Asian music scene. I used to have all their music on repeat non stop. Oh, good times when I was young ~

9. Is there a member of the same age as you in 2?
(DIR EN GREY) hahahahahaha, no. Don't think there is a member who is under 10 years older than me.

10. When did you first get into 8?

11. Who likes 4 along with you?
(SHINee) Kimi

12. Which song did you first hear from 16?
(소녀시대) I'd say it would have been possibly Genie... I don't really remember these kind of facts.

13. What song made you fall in love with 5?
(東方神起) They were my first Korean band.... I don't know, they were just interesting :)

14. Which song do you not like by 18?
(飛輪海) Personally, I've never found their Japanese releases to be good.

15. Why do you like 14's songs?
(Alice Nine) They're really different and innovative with their music. They can change between different styles so easily and so well.

16. Where did you first hear 6?
(F.T Island) Um... on the internet? lolol

17. How long was 19 a singer before you liked them?
(ZE:A) I started listening to them when they debuted :D

18. Does 13 have a song that gives you a bad memory?
(Plastic Tree) Not that I can think of ~

19. When did you get into 17?
(Epik High) About two years ago? A few months before they release their 'Wannabe" song.

20. How long have you been into 9?
(SS501) I guess about a yea and a half again :)

21. If 11 had a concert 300 miles away, would you drive there to see them?
(동방신기) Eh depends, I'm not into them as much as i used to be.

22. How many CDs do you own of 12?
(Big Bang) Two

23. Does 21 have a song that makes you cry?
(B2ST) No.

24. Does 27 have a song that makes you happy?
(MERRY) Ah I don't actually know... you know, they probably do. hahaha

25. Does 23 have a song that makes you smile?
(Super Junior M) Yes, definitely. 'ME' makes me quite happy. Actually just the sight of Zhou Mi makes me smile most of the time. lol

26. What's the last song you've listened to from 28?
(f(x)) erm, that new song of theirs ~ Danger or something.

27. Is there a song by 32 that you've listened to more than 30 times?
(摩天楼オペラ) quite a few of them actually ~

28. What is a song from 50 that you've only listened to once?
(D'espairsRay) erm.. Gothic

29. Is there a song you are sick of hearing by 24?
(이효리) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Fuck that song annoys me everytime I hear it nowdays... I overplayed it when it was released. lol

30. What song got you into 40?
(ONE OK ROCK) My Sweet Baby. Such a nice song!

31. What is your favorite single by 25?
(ムック) ah... I really don't know.

32. If 49 hated you, what would you do?
(Muse) I wouldn't care to be honest.

33. What would you say if 42 or one of the members from 42 asked you out?
(Rihanna) I would deny.

34. Would you care if 41 had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
(Flyleaf) Not at all ~

35. Who has the best voice in 46?
(장근석) erm, solo artist.

36. Do you think 26 is/are good looking?
(GACKT) Flawless man.

37. How many times have you listened to your favorite song by 36?
(Lady Gaga) tells me 95... but I'd say it would be more because I can't scrobble my iPod anymore ~ lolol

38. How many CDs do you own of 30?
(Kra) None

39. Is there a song from 38 that makes you mad?
(2NE1) None, they're flawless perfection.

40. Which member from 31 do you want to see go solo? If 31 is only one artist, what would you do if they joined a group?
(8eight) Erm, don't really care. Hasn't one already gone solo... or more than one. maybe I'm dreaming, don't really follow this group too much.

41. What does your favorite song from 48 remind you of?
(F.CUZ) Dancing and being really happy!

42. Did you hate 43 at first?
(C.N.Blue) No, was in love with Yong Hwa from You're Beautiful.

43. Does your best friend also listen to 33?
(T.M.Revolution) It is probably in her music somewhere but i doubt she would listen to it.

44. Do you think your parents would like 37?
(2AM) Doesn't bother me haha.

45. Does 47 have a song that makes you want to dance?
(Meg & Dia) No, don't think so.

46. Have you ever seen 34 in person?
(G-Dragon) G-sus I wish I had! lol

47. Do you like 44's name?
(환희) I suppose? ....

48. Is there someone in 45 that you want to go out with?
(Super Junior H) Haha... umm, yes.

49. Do you know anyone that hates 39?
(Brown Eyed Girls) No and nobody ever should because they are perfection.

50. Have you ever danced to a song from 35?
(Lady Gaga) Like every single one of her songs. haha


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