• Tenek, Assemblage 23, Mesh, Club "Tochka", Moscow, 20/02/2010

    27. Feb. 2010, 8:49

    It was really great gig!!! Many thanks to the artists and Russian Synth Community!

    Assemblage 23

    Some photos:

  • The lyrics... Part III

    14. Nov. 2008, 20:11

    Peter Heppner - Easy

    You walk along your way
    One fine Day
    A way you'd never choose
    Ahead of you
    You don't know how
    You don't know why
    Your life's just passing by

    It's the easy way
    Promising to ease your pain
    Promising you love
    You don't know when
    You don't know where
    Temptation will be there

    It's so easy
    Easy to be dumb
    Easy to play numb

    It's so easy
    Easy to be cruel
    Easy to be you

    You're walking down the lane
    That leads you astray
    Considering what you
    Now never could do
    I know the lies, I know the games
    And games you will be playing

    There are easy ways
    To hurt someone
    And easy ways
    To leave someone behind
    But think about what you might loose
    No easy way to choose

    It's so easy

    It's so easy to deny, to close your eyes
    Attempting to deceive, and make believe
    It's so easy to pretend, no consequences

    It's so easy to be you

    De/Vision - The Enemy Inside

    You are adrift on the sea of self-denial
    Draw your sword make all your heroes die
    Kill your ego sup your sorrow
    Learn your lesson well

    You gotta fight the enemy inside
    Are you tough tough enough
    Welcome to real life
    Fight you better fight the enemy inside

    You don't belong to anyone but love
    Don't need a gun when things start getting rough
    Kill your ego draw your sword
    Make all your heroes die

    (c) Peter Heppner
    (c) De/Vision
  • The Lyrics... Part II

    4. Jul. 2008, 22:37

    De/Vision - Back In My Life

    Back in my life
    I used to be so happy
    Don't ask me why
    I became so ugly
    Go back in time
    And try to find the answer
    But don't hope to find
    What is now out of time
    All I see is a stranger who died

    Out of the blue
    You break into the silence
    And all that we need me and you
    Is spiritual guidance
    Now I can see
    Our love was always dying
    And today I regret
    All the joy that we had
    All I feel is emptiness instead

    I used to be so happy
    I used to be so happy
    I used to be so happy
    Now it's gone, so long

    Turn of the tide
    I feel it coming back to me
    Made up my mind
    You will never be close to me
    Back in my life
    I used to be so happy
    Now I'm breaking the back
    Of what is breaking my neck
    All I want is tenderness instead

    De/Vision - My Own Worst Enemy

    If only I could move at the speed of light
    If only I was born to a greater life
    If only I was made in a raging sea of love
    If only I was out from the stars above

    There is not my true life
    I am not the man that I should be
    I'm called to higher things
    High time to get my wings
    I'm no fun to be with anymore
    I'm flying on the wings of mediocrity
    I'm my own worst enemy

    If only I could just explode
    Like a dying star
    In a blaze of lights

  • De/Vision, 22/05/2008, Volgograd, News Pub

    23. Mai. 2008, 19:33

    Чт 22 Май – De/Vision

    What can I say?.... It was brilliant!!! Free From Cares, Bleed Me White, I Regret, Obsolete, Try To Forget, Foreigner, Back In My Life, Love Will Find A Way, Life Is Suffering, Addict, Aimee, What You Deserve and so on... Unbelievable!!!!! Thanks to De/Vision and to Thomas personally! He' s a great guy!

  • MESH in Moscow, 27/04/2008

    30. Apr. 2008, 7:39

    Вс 27 Апр – Mesh, Onetwo
    MESH set-list, Moscow, club "Tochka", 27/04/2008

    01. New Intro
    02. Firefly (extended fast version)
    03. Petrified (Dance Mix)
    04. Headstone
    05. This Is What You Wanted
    06. The Damage You Do
    07. My Defender
    08. Leave You Nothing
    09. Little Missile (new mix + Intro)
    10. What Are You Scared Of
    11. Razorwire
    12. Friends Like These
    13. Safe With Me
    14. Fragile
    15. Not Prepared
    16. I Can't Imagine How It Hurts
    17. My Hands Are Tied
    18. From This Height
    19. Can You Mend Hearts
    20. Confined
    21. Room With A View
    22. Crash

  • The Lyrics that I just feel inside Part I

    28. Nov. 2007, 7:17

    Sometimes I listen to the music I like and I feel the same as the author of the lyrics...

    I start with these two songs:

    Assemblage 23 - Damaged

    I am merely the product
    Of the life that I've lived
    An amalgam of sorrows
    And the wisdom they give
    But the weight has grown heavy
    And its dragging me down
    It's so hard not to sink now
    But I don't want to drown

    I'm damaged
    But somehow I've managed
    This far
    But I don't know if I can find my way back home
    I'm damaged
    But somehow I've managed
    For now
    But I don't think I can face this on my own

    There is beauty in hardship
    There are poems in grief
    There are trials we must go through
    Though they may shake our beliefs

    But I don't know how I got here
    Lost in the cynical dusk
    Set adrift in the worry
    That I've no one to trust

    If to suffer is holy
    I'll take my share of the pain
    I can swim through this sadness
    If there's something to gain

    I can reach for the surface
    And try to pull myself free
    But the last thing I want is
    To drag you down here with me

    Alphaville - Because Of You

    Oh, I want to know I want to go
    Through that situation again, I'd like to catch
    That something in your eyes it thrilled me once again
    That gentle touch I can't describe
    It's like a reflection of the moon on the water
    Don't let it go, because of you the earth stood still
    Just do it again
    Burn, burn away, sacred letters, ragged backdrops
    I don't care, the certainty of death,
    The boring rituals of life they seem so far
    I don't care for my life, I just live for your love
    That is because of what you do, just do it again
    Because of you the earth stood still
    Just do it again
    Assemblage 23Alphaville
  • Camouflage in Volgograd, Relocated Tour 13/12/2006

    19. Dez. 2006, 6:47

    Wow! I couldn't even expect that it will be so aaaawfully... fine!!! The concert was great!!! Camouflage is one of the best groups I've seen live! They are really great professionals! Cooolest sound! Great performance! And a lot of their great songs such as Thief, The Great Commandment, One Fine Day, That Smiling Face, I'll Follow Behind, Me And You, Handsome, I Can't Feel You etc. Of course they sang many hits from "Relocated" too. Well, I'm happy! My concert programme of 2006 is over and I should say it was very pleasant. ;))
  • A-ha in Moscow (11/11/2006)

    16. Nov. 2006, 8:50

    Yes, it’s done!!! After almost 20 years of listening I’ve seen one of my first musical idols a-ha live! This was really great show! Super stage! There was a big screen made of many small lamps behind the scene, two big screens along the edges and two small screens under the roof of the Olimpijski Sport Palace. On these screens you could see what was on the stage or special videos which gave the best fit to the show. Guys sang a lot of their great hits: “Move To Memphis”, “Hunting High And Low” (the audience joined in singing and this was a real surprise for A-ha), “Cozy Prizon”, “How Sweet It Was”, “East Of The Sun” (here I should say that the album version sounds better ;) ), “You’ll Never Get Over Me” (this was a surprise for me because I didn’t expect it at the concert), “Living Daylights” (this was real choral singing too ;) ) and of course “Take On Me” and “Crying In The Rain”. I also wondered that they sang many songs from “Memorial Beach”. But the guys didn’t sing much songs from the last album. They even didn’t sing “Celice”. By the way it was a pity that A-ha didn’t sing some hits I like: “Early Morning”, “Here I Stand And Face The Rain”, “Lifelines”. But anyway they sang enough of good stuff! ;) Some songs were made in new variations. For example one of my favourites “The Weight Of The Wind” sounded a little bit harder, even like “techno-styled”. I liked this “new way”. ;) Of course there were some minuses. Sometimes gues looked tired. Morten didn’t strike some right notes (especially it concerned of the “Summer Moved On”’s refrain ;) ). But all in all the show was phantastic for me!!! I felt much pleasure. My voice is strained, my hands are knocked up and I am happy! ;))) The musical holiday is over. It’s a little bit sad… But I hope they will come back!!! ;))
  • My concerts 2006

    23. Aug. 2006, 6:13

    04.03. - Depeche Mode (Moscow).
    27.03. - Пикник (Saratov).
    03.05. - Melotron (Saratov).
    28.05. - De/Vision (Moscow).
    They were great!

    Upcoming Concerts:

    11.11. - a-ha (Moscow).

    I'm sure it'll be great too! ;)
  • I Believe or All I Need To Know (medley)

    3. Jul. 2006, 9:08

    Great song of Duran Duran!!! Cool music & words! I still wonder why it is not on "Big Thing" album.