Amy Macdonald - This Is The Life [Japanese Release]


18. Mai. 2008, 14:56

Where do you start with this album? Amy Macdonald is another of Scotland’s musical exports who writes her own songs and plays her own instrument (that being the guitar). The songs have appealed to a wide age range are very much about topics that most people could probably relate to from being yourself, friendship, the love of music, forbidden romance and the celebrity-obsessed culture that we live in today. That’s not to say that people can’t take their own opinion of what her songs are trying to say. Songs of highlight are Barrowland Ballroom(a song about a famous venue in Glasgow and about the experiences that everyone who have played there have had), Mr Rock & Roll(all about being happy to be yourself and not wanting to fit in), This Is the Life (about friendship and the good times you can have with friends), L.A.(another track about being happy with yourself but being prepared to follow your dreams, whatever they may be), Run(a track inspired by The Killers) and Poison Prince(a plea to Pete Docherty about getting off the drugs and writing the fantastic lyrics he’s known to write).

Also on this version is Amy’s version of Caledonia, or a shorter version of it (originally a hidden track on the UK release) as well as two live tracks (Mr Brightside(Cover of the Killer’s track) & Mr Rock & Roll) recorded at the world famous King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, and the B-side to Amy’s very first release, Rock Bottom. All in all, her lyrics seem to emanate a wisdom beyond her youth, and seems to be able to connect with most people, whether they can relate their experiences to what Amy’s intended or find their own. It’s hard to find anyone these days who can pull off what can only be deemed as folk rock well, but Amy is one of these artists. A wonderful album that shouldn’t be missed.


  • nreeek

    Hi Vhazza, i'm kinda crazy about amy's music since i saw her play live in a Paolo Nutini concert in italy. When the album was released, i bought it thru itunes but i'm sick because all these acoustic and live versions you have in the UK (or japan...) are not available in the spanish market. i've tried to buy them but due to that silly restrictions of the "single country licensing behaviour" i can't have them. would you be so gently to make me a pack thru media fire and pm me a link, please?? thanks a lot!!!

    24. Jul. 2008, 21:21
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