• Favorite Christian Metal Albums

    18. Nov. 2012, 20:03

    10. DivinefireFarewell
    While they don’t quite reach the heights of Into a New Dimension (see below), Divinefire’s fourth effort still deserves a place on this list. With one exception, this doesn’t do anything other Divinefire albums don’t do, it just does these things really, really well. The aforementioned exception, Heal Me, is definitely worth noting. It’s a very cool progressive metal epic that I consider their finest moment. I wish they would do more stuff along that line.

    9. Becoming the ArchetypeDichotomy
    BTA achieve true greatness with their third release. While they were good before, most the songs just weren’t that memorable. Not so here. They stepped up their game in every way and fulfill the promise shown on the previous two albums. So many of their best songs are on this one. Their version of How Great Thou Art makes me wish they did more renditions of classic hymns, and End of the Age is my favorite song about the end of the world.

    8. HbPääkallonpaikka
    As much as I love HB, there were always things that kept me from placing them on the same levels as other female-fronted metal bands like Leaves’ Eyes, Nightwish, etc. – until I heard Pääkallonpaikka. The band’s sound is a bit more intense, a bit darker, yet still retains the pop elements that made Frozen Inside and The Jesus Metal Explosion fun. The lyrics are in Finnish and there’s no English version, so I can’t make out anything other than “Jesus” and “Hallelujah,” but they sure sound cool and have a great flow to them.

    7. HarmonyChapter II: Aftermath
    I’d describe the sound of Aftermath as somewhere between Dream Theater and Symphony X, yet tight, focused, and super-catchy. The musicianship is excellent, and the lyrics, with one exception, are smartly written.

    6. TheocracyTheocracy
    It still impresses me that this is the work of a single person. Say what you will about the production and the drum machine – the sheer awesomeness of the music more than makes up for it. And while Matt Smith’s vocals aren’t as good as they would become, the passion and conviction in his voice makes for a powerful performance. As with the other Theocracy albums, the s/t is highly consistent in terms of quality. It also boasts not one, not two, but three big epic pieces.

    5. DivinefireInto A New Dimension
    By far the best work of this band. Christian Liljegren delivers what may just be the best performance of his career, and whoever did the death growls did a great job as well. Their blend of symphonic and power metal reaches its peak. Not only that, but the lyrics – so often the weak point for this band and anything else Liljegren writes for – are pretty enjoyable. The cheese that marred their previous work is almost totally absent here.

    4. MehidaBlood & Water
    Blood and Water is a beautiful work of art. Progressive, captivating, and highly melodic. Thomas Vikström of Therion provides smooth vocals that perfectly suit former Sonata Arctica keyboardist Mikko Härkin’s lovely musical vision. Jani Stefanovic of Divinefire is also in the band, though this sounds nothing like a Divinefire album. It’s shame this album isn’t better known.

    3. TheocracyMirror of Souls
    So many catchy songs on this one. Every song in fact. This was the album that showed me that not was all Christian music just second-rate knockoffs or worse, but some of it was just as good as anything the secular field produces. Songs like Laying the Demon to Rest, Absolution Day, and the title track really hit home on a personal level. Oh, and the latter is the greatest song in universe. That doesn’t hurt either.

    2. Becoming the ArchetypeCelestial Completion
    Best freaking death metal album EVER. It’s both brutal and melodic at the same time, and progressive without being gimmicky or leaning on technical wankery. Lyrics are sharp and Jason Wisdom is a BEAST. Such a shame he left after this one.

    1. TheocracyAs The World Bleeds
    ATWB is my favorite album, period. The song-writing, vocals, musicianship, consistency, overall aesthetic …. everything is fantastic. I can name other albums that are superior in one of these respects, but none that excel as much in all of them. The messages are spot-on as well. It doesn’t get any better than this. I know, I know, I’m slipping into gushy fanboy mode here, but that’s honestly how I feel about it. :)