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Über mich

If you like any kind of hard music, please take a look at this group: Go hard or go home.

I like music a lot, I know most people on this site say that, but it's true. I'm partial to hard rock, nu metal if that's what you want to call it, and metalcore but I like just about anything except for the more extreme forms of grind, and really crazy wall of sound stuff, but only cause it hurts my ears, I wish I could listen to it, but I need my ears in the distant future.
I do like most metal...especially doom, groove, and melodic varieties. I like punk, swing, rapcore, ambient, jazz, r+b, especially the 90s stuff, it was golden, rap yes, both old school and new, hip hop and instrumental hip hop, hardcore and posthardcore, I dig stoner stuff of any variety, I like softer, more mainstream rock too, and recently I've begun to get into post and progressive rock...I also like older stuff, the classics from the forties, fifties, sixties, and eighties especially, but I get earlier than that even, I like classical music too. I also like dark ambient and doom jazz, pretty much any genre I listen to, stick dark, doom or horror in front of it and I'll chill to it. Dark country is something I've recently stumbled across and it makes me think and it's good tunage too. I do like a little bit of "normal" country but it's very very little compared to the other genres I list. Country isn't really something you'll see in my Last library. Also, I pretty much like instrumental anything.
Some of my lesser listened to genres are pop, pop punk, soul, new jack swing, trance, techno, house, dubstep, slowcore, scr/emo, new age, goth, drone, sludge, 8-bit, math, tech, industrial of most varieties, grunge, cabaret, broadway. Honestly, you never know what you might find if you look at my library carefully. My philosophy is listen to anything at least twice.

Getting off the subject of music for a second, I also really like stand up comedy, so you'll see that pop up in my recently listened tracks sometimes, too.

Bands I have seen live:
Nine Inch Nails
Marilyn Manson
Hawthorne Heights x2
She Wants Revenge
Queens of the Stone Age
Breaking Benjamin
Blue October
Fall Out Boy
All-American Rejects
From First to Last
The Hush Sound
The Vaccines
Arctic Monkeysx2
No Age
Explosions in the Sky
The Black Keys
You, Me, and Apollo
Brandi Carlile

I need to go to more shows!

Random Track Listing
948th track: (11 Dec 2009)
Kitaro - Linden
1684th track: (24 Dec 2009)
Clawfinger - Prisoners
4495th track: (05 Feb 2010)
A Day to Remember - Heartless
9513th track: (25 Apr 2010)
Crossbreed - 48 Grave
12974th track: (23 May 2010)
Slumber - Conflict
24588th track: (22 Jan 2011)
10 - 悠久の風(arrange|FINAL FANTASY3)
34893rd track: (26 Jan 2012)
Eyedea - Weird Side
39433rd track: (02 Jun 2012)
Anomalous - OHMnivalent
44154th track: (24 Sep 2012)
Pixies - Holiday Song
53096th track: (05 Aug 2013)
Mnemic - Tattoos
Generated 05 Aug 2013
LastLabs Milestones

If you are wondering how I came up with which tracks to show, I used a random number generator. I will be changing it from time to time.

You might notice that I have an unusually high number of Loved Tracks. I am aware of this. This is because I love an unusually high number of songs. I do reserve the little heart symbol only for tracks that I believe are justified to get that honor. If I hear a song that has gotten the Loved Track status, and I no longer believe it deserves the little heart, I will take it off. So as my tastes change, so do the amount of hearts I have given and will give.

Lastly, everyone on my friends list is either someone I know personally, someone whom I have corresponded with online for more than "Hi, how are you?", or someone whose Library I have listened to at least a little (but probably extensively), or any combination of those.

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