• 3 days in November: the day for Raul Midon

    4. Dez. 2007, 16:48

    28th, November.
    I came back to Ebisu, Tokyo.
    It was the most important day in the week.
    When I arrived at the venue, dozens of anticipating audience were in front of closed door.
    I was sharing their feeling.
    After an hour, Raul Midon was going to play his music at the venue!!!

    I once went to his live show when he released State of Mind.
    He radically impressed me with all of music thing at that time.
    So I was heartily looking forward to his next world tour!

    At the starting time, a singer KAT appeared as curtain raiser on the stage.
    She sang some songs in Japanese and English. (Her father is New Zealander.)
    Her performance was not very striking for me, but enough to relax the atmosphere on the floor.
    We applauded and thanked for her good work.

    About ten minutes after that.
    From the wing of the stage, Raul appeared quietly with a caregiver.
    All audience welcomed him with loud applause.
    He stood to the center of the stage.
    And then, he began to play "Pick Somebody Up".
    Raul said nothing at the start of performance, but soon I realized the idea was plainly effective in his performance.
    Though some audience had memories of his performance, some audience never experienced his performance or only know him by new album A World Within A World till that time.
    How wonderful the first taste of the live performance by Raul Midon!
    After applause, he sang straight next song "All Because of You".
    He went on some songs with talk.
    I was impressed in depth by the tunes arranged for live performance from A World Within A World.
    And we shared musical fun in a call and response when he was playing "Tembererana".

    At this part, Raul set up the first climax after the enjoyable "Tembererana".
    The song he started was "Sunshine"...
    I felt like rising to the sun by riding on the top of blue high wave.
    In the time I was too happy for words with wonderful grooves and his irreplaceable singing voice...
    What a exquisite presentation!
    When I looked around, people around me were all smiling at the truly good music...!!!

    After that happiness, he took a rest on a white sofa and sang some chillout songs.
    Suddenly he said "I wanna do in jazz style, I love jazz." and began to play the guitar with mouth trumpet.
    That tune was "Seven Steps to Heaven" originated by Miles Davis.
    I felt it so nice and surely instrumental!
    Later on that he came back to the center of the stage.
    The other climax in private came soon after "Love Is Gonna Save My Life".
    Raul said that he was doing music to make people smile, and began to sing "The More That I Know".
    It was one of my favorite songs.
    I thought vaguely "I could not experience the performance by middle aged Stevie and Donny, but now Raul Midon is standing here..."

    Raul started to sing the dramatic "State of Mind".
    At the climax of the lyrics, he pointed up a phrase.
    "I wanna be rrrrrich!!!!!"
    Yes! You should be rich! You should be happy!
    Because I have no doubt that your happiness by your art will make a lot of people happier!

    We gave him unstinted praise and he left the stage.
    But the thunderous applause lasted long.
    After a while, he took a curtain call and came back to the stage, with a bottle of beer.
    Uh..I had taken no beer to listen his songs in good condition, but Raul!!

    Meanwhile the song he chose for the first in the encores was "Peace on Earth".
    That was the best timing if he considers this song is momentous.
    And really at last, Raul sang his heart out on "Sittin In the Middle".
    The wonderful show came to an end.

    He chose "Sittin In the Middle" for the end, and sang the phrase "revolution is no solution" on "Pick Somebody Up" at the beginning.
    I was sincerely glad to share some feelings with him...

    And totally I couldn't believe that also tunes from State of Mind had become more better than when I ever experienced!
    If you get a chance to his live show in future, need no hesitation to go.
    I know you love music.
    I know he also plays good music.

    In closing, I will place the setlist of the day,
    with a lot of thanks for reading.

    11/28/07-Tokyo-Ebisu Garden Hall

    Pick Somebody Up
    All Because of You
    All the Answers
    Ain't Happened Yet
    Waited All My life
    Song for Sandra
    Seven Steps to Heaven
    If You're Gonna Leave
    Love Is Gonna Save My Life
    The More that I Know
    State of Mind
    Peace on Earth
    Sittin In the Middle
  • 3 days in November: days with beer

    1. Dez. 2007, 15:01

    This week is just passing away for a wonder.
    Each day during three days, the artists I am keeping my eyes on, has handled tours in Tokyo here!
    (What's going on?)
    So my report is allowed to unfold by this unforeseen experience...

    1st day, 27th November.
    I was standing on the floor at a venue in Yebisu(or Ebisu), Tokyo.
    The band of the day was The Derek Trucks Band.
    He is a guitarist blood-related to Butch Trucks as drummer of The Allman Brothers Band.
    I stunned by his guitar sound when I saw his live performance on DVD.
    He plays slide guitar like Buddha but the sound is...
    Maybe one movie is worth a thousand words.
    Check this.
    His solo performance
    and with his crews
    In the show, they performed up to the audience's expectations.
    The best tune of the day was "Anyday" for me!
    His first name Derek was named after one band.
    Yes, Anyday has originated from Derek and the Dominos.
    Also old guitar freaks seemed to be satisfied with the performance.

    I enjoyed enough with some glasses of beer.
    Actually, Yebisu area inevitably involves beer.
    This name of the area comes from a product brand of beer.
    Yebisu area had got active with production of beer.
    It's visitor's duty to take a beer or more in Yebisu ;p

    2nd day, 28th.
    It was different venue from 27th but same in Yebisu.
    About this day, I will write the report on next piece.
    I believe some friends know the reason I want to do that!
    (Ah, of course I know the friends are impatient with the delay of turn..)

    Let me go now, the 3rd day, 29th.
    In the chill evening, I was dashing off to a venue in Shibuya, Tokyo.
    Under the wire I arrived just in time to see the show by SOIL & "PIMP" Sessions.
    Their name had reached my ears but I had never experienced their live performance.
    When I entered the hall, many audience already teemed with conversations or waited in a line to get drinks.
    I also got on the line to get a drink.
    "Your order?"
    It seemed that I left behind the other half of my soul in Yebisu.

    At the moment the beer made me feel tipsy, the lights of the floor dimmed out.
    The other lights behind the curtain casted the shadows of guys and instruments!
    It was the beginning of the first tune "Dawn".
    And the show started with growls of "Suffocation"!
    I was blown out by the sounds of horns on grooves.
    Especially saxophone player Motoharu was so damn crazy!

    Totally their sounds with fast tempo made up the atmosphere like a peak time of the traditional festival for populace.
    Their music is like for people crushed in confined spaces.
    BTW my most favorite tune was "Crush!" until this show.
    But I will change my mind because the live arrangement of "Summer Goddess" was very cool.
    Only the jam time by drummer and bassist with keyboardist, I felt their performance lacked something.
    I think they show their true worth in performance with horns.
    Perhaps I would not feel so if I experienced thier performance before the Derek Trucks band and Raul Midon.
    At last, pimps played a new tune for audience on the day.
    We will know some tunes in not-too-distant future.

    Thank you for reading a long journal.
    But to be continued next...