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  • ichbinjon

    yo hows it going?

    9. Dez., 17:21 Antworten
  • SeveralPeople

    Also, you could name your bandcamp track "Neon Lights".

    4. Nov., 19:38 Antworten
  • SeveralPeople

    I've only been able to find http://www.mediafire.com/download/h7ft2ii6flzvh3z/WebStuff.zip and https://myspace.com/velocemusic/music/song/merge-76558334 Which I know there is more.

    4. Nov., 19:30 Antworten
  • SeveralPeople

    Hey do you have the small little b-side tracks from the band Veloce? The ones that could be found on their label's website (that no longer exists). I lost them!

    4. Nov., 19:23 Antworten
  • emmdragon

    ... Talking of Superb stuff ... of which there is, as I said before, MUch going on ... lol ... Androcell & Asura's new albums... Lab's Cloud ... Kaya Project ... Beatroots/Brujo's Bowl ... Gus Till ... Loads of Brilliant stuff! :D .. have you checked this? : MIke Hodgson from Pitch Black : https://misledconvoy.bandcamp.com/album/tickling-the-dragons-tail ... think you might like it ;) <3 :)

    22. Okt., 14:02 Antworten
  • emmdragon

    ;D Helloooo! :D HUge appologies for the MAssively LOng time in getting back to you Good Friend! ... it's been ... interesting ... :D ... stuff appening! lol! ... NIce one I'm good thankyou! Great to hear from you! :) :) :) ... Yes! ... Psy RUles ;D and there's some Storming stuff coming out! ... so much right now that I'm running like crazy to scrobble it all :D ~ Amazing! :D ~ You're listening to Storming stuff as always too >> HUge HUgs! ;D <3 coming by your profile to say hello and check in ;) :) :) ... <3 Light and MOre MAssive HUgs! ... em ;) :) :)

    22. Okt., 13:27 Antworten
  • ApparentlyShane

    Cheers for accepting man. And thanks for listening. :]

    14. Okt., 8:45 Antworten
  • rodofdez

    Thanks for accepting invitation to connect. Cheers¡¡¡

    3. Okt., 2:30 Antworten
  • ambizzzzle

    Thanks! just recently started really getting into them (:

    26. Sep., 20:25 Antworten
  • Edstrand95

    Great! Thanks alot.

    3. Sep., 18:06 Antworten
  • TrainMan76


    18. Aug., 7:59 Antworten
  • emmdragon

    <3 ;) <3

    22. Jun., 12:41 Antworten
  • LucasLinoMota

    Thanks for the accept man! :)

    28. Mai., 16:33 Antworten
  • gworley

    The way most cases end in Houston with the PI charges was a fine. Now days it would not fly to pull someone out of a cab in arrest them for PI because they really aren't in the public. I have seen a lot of changes through out the years. For instance, the town that I live in now 30 years ago when I went to university here would not have GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) in the high school but they do now. Most of the people that I deal with know that I am gay 30 years ago only my closest friends knew. When I was in the Army no one knew but now it is good to open -- picture of 2 male soldiers goes viral on Youtube and no one in the US Military even blinks. Same sex marriage is becoming the norm not only by the government but by churches too. We have come a great distance but still have a long way to go before everything is equal.

    3. Mai., 5:57 Antworten
  • gworley

    Sorry for the belated reply. There will always be good and bad police no matter where you live. When I was almost 18 years old, I was walking home from high school, I was living in Hawaii at the time (my father was in the US Army for 30 years), 2 members of the Honolulu Police Department stopped me about halfway home and said they knew I had 2 joints on me and I could play it the hard way or I could play it the easy way. I am not sure how they knew that I 2 joints on me as I grew it myself. After I gave them the joints, they let me go. I continued walking home and I saw them behind a warehouse smoking my 2 joints. Back in 1977 they didn't have random drug test so this would fly today but there were good cops at the same time that helped me when I needed help when I was robbed of about $15,000 dollars that belonged to McDonald's a year later at a night deposit box. They actually caught the person from my description of his car.

    3. Mai., 5:47 Antworten
  • snowfaller

    Nice animated GIFs, and good taste!

    29. Apr., 16:31 Antworten
  • ClahRR

    hey! sorry for the really late reply! i liked cut copy! ery exciting songs! really nice sound!

    27. Apr., 1:39 Antworten
  • WotansRevenge

    Hy,I wish you a nice and happy easter,lgBernie !

    15. Apr., 19:02 Antworten
  • WotansRevenge

    Hy my new friend , I like your avatar so much and your site on Lastfm.is so much beautyful ! You seems to me very artificial !!! Lg from Germany !

    7. Apr., 19:27 Antworten
  • nebul4

    thanks mate! and also thanks for accepting me :)

    26. Mär., 23:57 Antworten
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