Oh my god


26. Mär. 2011, 22:54

I just read my 4 year old life soundtrack entry and had a laugh at how bad my taste used to be. So I was like "LETS DO IT NOW SO I CAN HAVE ANOTHER LAUGH IN A FEW YEARS, HELL YEAH". We're doin this bro.

Opening credits
Bored to Death Theme Song (Music from the TV Series)

Waking up
New Orleans Instrumental No. 1

Average day
Wonderful You (Hey, future me, we barely listen to this, fyi)

First date
Sunday Morning

Falling in love
Suspended In A Sunbeam

Love scene
Losers (Fantastic, just the song you'd want for a love scene)

Fight scene
旋律(シラベ) (Since I'm sure I won't remember this at all, it's from Umineko, all you need to know)

Breaking up
A Punchup at a Wedding. (No No No No No No No No.)

Getting back together

Secret love

Life's okay
Worldend (More Umineko music, really?)

Mental breakdown
I Kill Children (This is starting to sound like a pretty fucking horrifying life)


Learning a lesson
River Below

Deep thought
Who'll Be the Next in Line? (At this point I can only assume I'll be reading this from the local county jail)

Gaia Queen (Okay, that's pretty funny)

Over The Sky (I have all of the Umineko. All of it.)

Happy dance
Pictures of Me

Wet Blanket

Long night alone
Seven Years In Tibet (Sounds like a longass night to me)

Death scene
Outside the Wall

Closing credits
Under My Thumb


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