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Über mich


I realize that acts of ritual have no real
bearing on the material or invisible worlds
I acknowledge that it is my mind alone
that manipulates the web of reality and makes my Will manifest.
While good and evil do not exist--except
within the bounds of personal preference and perception,
and I am not constrained by moral barriers.
I will not harm those who have not
sought destruction to my lot, life,
freedom and happiness.
To my fellows I swear by my blood my
loyalty, and to offer whatever services I
can, should they ever be in need of me.
I vow to cherish and defend
the vast kingdoms of the Earth Mother
For without her life itself could not exist.
I realize that my actions of today will cast
a reaction and reflection into the future
of the intangible tomorrow.
Therefore I announce myself
as the ruler of my own destiny
and will place the responsibility to enrich
my existence upon my own head.
I am a Satanist,
the highest embodiment of human life!


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