Flying Nun broadcast


16. Mär. 2012, 4:59

A three-hour show drawing on tracks from the first 15 years of the Flying Nun record label in roughly chronological order.

3/11/12 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm AZ time

1-Coalminer’s Song – The Gordons
2-Billy Two – The Clean
3-Something New – The Stones
4-Crisis After Crisis – The Verlaines
5-Maybe – Tall Dwarfs
6-Rolling Moon – The Chills
7-Ambivalence – Pin Group
8-Obscurity Blues – Great Unwashed
9-Hey Man – Alpaca Brothers
10-You Say You – The Verlaines
11-Others Way – DoubleHappys
12-This Is The Way – The Chills
13-Time Away – Goblin Mix
14-Better Than Before – Sneaky Feelings
15-Cactus Cat – Look Blue Go Purple
16-The Boy With The Sad Hands – Jay Clarkson
17-She Speeds – Straitjacket Fits
18-Left Turns Right – This Kind of Punishment
19-Night Of Chill Blue – The Chills
20-The Slide – Tall Dwarfs
21-North By North – The Bats
22-Batwing – The Terminals
23-Windy Day – Stephen
24-Life Inside A Window – The Jean Paul Sartre Experience
25-Now I Fall – Dead C
26-Meat – Chris Knox
27-Down In Spendour – Straitjacket Fits
28-Big Soft Punch – The Clean
29-The Theory Of Continual Disappointment – Able Tasmans
30-Think Small – Tall Dwarfs
31-Cruise Control – Headless Chickens
32-Half Way To Nowhere – The Bats
33-Done – Straitjacket Fits
34-The Young & The Restless – 3Ds
35-Hey Judith – Dribbling Darts
36-Recollection – David Kilgour
37-Starry Eyed & Wooly Brained – Tall Dwarfs
38-Before We Go Under – Magick Heads
39-Your Heavy Dream (Won’t Fly) – Alec Bathgate


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