Habit of Force - Video - Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Trip


29. Apr. 2010, 16:30

Habit of Force recently went on a road trip to one of their favorite destinations to perform... Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Habit of Force is no stranger to Texas, playing "Ride for Dime 4" and the "Ride for Dime 5" pre-party. Habit of Force is always warmly welcomed in Texas and this trip was no different.

During this trip, Habit of Force appeared on KNON radio's heavy metal show "Hard Time Radio" hosted by Thrashin Alan. The following night they played the grand opening of the new venue of legendary "Rock Dogs Sports Bar". Saturday April 2nd, Habit of Force performed onstage along with Turbid North, Warbeast & Souless Intent. Check out the video from the trip.


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