The "OOMPH!!!" Factor


5. Apr. 2006, 12:41

I was listening to music earlier (What's this earlier shit? I'm always listening to music!) and when one specific song played, I thought to myself "Wow, how come I never noticed this song sounded so unbelievably awesome at the start?" Well, I've thrown together a list of ten songs that I think sound GREAT at the start and really draw you in instantly. I call this list the "OOMPH!!!" Factor, because the songs have oomph! 8)

I'll write the list in reverse order, because saving the best for last is fun.

10. Burn Baby Burn
The first few seconds are a little slow, but once the song starts up, you get the impression that it's building up into something fun and exciting, and it is. I like this song quite a bit, especially for the way the build up the start. It really conveys the overall tone and mood of the track well.

9. Panama
What are the first thoughts I get when I hear this song? I'm going to hear some classic rock, and it's going to loud, energetic, and amazingly upbeat. The first bit of Panama really gets you pumped for the rest of the song, which is fantastic. You can just feel this huge burst of energy right from the beginning, which I love.

8. Oh Be Joyful
I had a bit of trouble sticking this song in here. It doesn't really go "BAM!!" when you listen, but it starts fast, and basically delivers a message: No bullshit here, we're getting straight to the song. I love that aspect of the song, how the beginning automatically sets you up for the song. In many other songs, the beginning is a bit like a warm-up I find, and doesn't sound a lot like the main chorus of the song, but that is not the case with Oh Be Joyful. Smooth transition.

7. Plush
How long does it take to realize that this is a great heavy rock song that combines the edgy, rough voice of modern rock with the emotional, raw sound of classic rock? A couple milliseconds, at the very most. This song wastes no time in letting you know what it is and where it's headed. The sound of plush makes you want to have a good time and sing along. A catchy introduction leads to a catchy song.

6. Somebody Told Me
I always think that the intro to this song sounds like it is spiralling out of control, but no. I think Somebody Told Me proudly exclaims "this is indie rock, it's hard, and it's going to blow your fucking socks off!" The beginning is wild, and untamed.. I think it lacks good percussion, but what it doesn't lack is raw sound! :D

5. One Little Victory
All those.. Drums.. Makes me want to masturbate. The beginning of this song (first 25 seconds or so) are so god damn well done that it brings a tear to my eyes. When you hear it, you really say.. "This song is going to wow the living fuck out of me!" And you know what?
You'd be wrong. Yeah, I'm serious. The song itself doesn't really do anything new and exciting for me. I like it, sure, but the song itself isn't as special as the opening, which is remarkably deceiving. Considering the fact that the evil, misleading introduction got this song into fifth spot on my list should say something. Check it out.

4. Where the River Flows
I first heard this song years ago, and I still get my head and feet going whenever I hear it. If you have a good subwoofer (which I do), and you manage to obtain this song, you may as well take a shit before you listen to it, unless you want a nasty mess in your pants. It's just.. The beat in the opening (which is maintained throughout the entire song) hits so hard, which is unusually for a band like Collective Soul, since they aren't really a hard rock band. Whatever they did to spice up this song and give it a really nasty edge, it worked damn well. Like I said, the start of this song will hit you hard, especially if you are a Collective Soul fan who has only listened to songs like When the Water Falls or The World I Know.

3. Any Way You Want It
Genius. The start of the song... Is basically the rest of the song. Journey wastes no time getting into the meaty center of the song, because it is right at the beginning. Any Way You Want It is a really emotional, perky song that should honestly be able to cheer you up no matter what kind of mood you are in. The introduction of the sogn doesn't really reach out and slap you in the face like some of the songs I've listed here, but it does get you into the groove of the song right away, and it is hard to click the stop button once you've got the song underway.

2. Madman
This was the very first hard rock/alternative song I have ever heard in my life that was purely instrumental. It must have been close to ten years ago (close to - not exactly ten years) since I first heard Madman, and it is really the only piece by Silverchair I still enjoy today. It's got this wild charisma that makes you want to get up and go beat the shit out of people just because the song gets you in the mood to make shit happen. It's fast, it's energetic, and it is angry. Woo!

1. Black Shuck
I really don't know what to say about this song, I really don't. What can I say? It is my top pick on my list, but it is obviously there for a reason, right? I mean, Black Shuck isn't one of my most listened to tracks, so what makes it so great? The opening is what. The song itself is fun to listen to, but it isn't anything stellar.. But the opening twenty seconds or so are awe inspriring. They are the most amazing twenty seconds of music I have ever heard in my life. You've got this really hard guitar coming in right away, followed by some pretty heavy drums.. It screams "hard as fuck" rock, and it is. it's just got so much power to it, so much force. It blows me away. Awesome piece of work.

Anyway, check out the previews of the songs.. Debate with me or something. Or hey, even agree if you want, I won't complain if you do that. :)


  • NinjjaN

    I'd like to say Metallica - Ronnie :) I've never really been a big fan of metallica, but that beginning just rocks ^^,

    10. Apr. 2006, 21:45
  • twig87

    You should check out the version of Madman with vocals, it's so good!

    10. Jan. 2007, 21:45
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