• Iron & Wine at the Pageant: A Rant

    15. Nov. 2010, 19:16

    Sat 13 Nov – Iron & Wine
    Attended with Raishin.

    I feel the need to preface. So here goes. I had an altogether great evening, so don't get me wrong because I'm about to complain:

    Well, first off, the opening band seemed rather inappropriate for Sam Beam and his folksy guitar and smooth, yet raspy vocals. The opener (I forget their name despite them screaming it at us between every song) consisted of a drummer and a distortion-happy guitarist. Imagine, if you will, that Carrot Top had two younger siblings that also had no talent. Big, ridiculous hair and questionable musical abilities. They played a six, maybe seven song set that was actually the same song repeated. Thank the gods they played for less than half an hour. *Blech*

    Finally! Enter: Sam Beam. Just him, his guitar, his lyrics and voice. The first five or so songs were just that. Resplendent. Then, he calls on the rest of his folks to come onto the stage. Next few songs just as good. They even played a couple of new things that I quite enjoyed. I particularly enjoyed "Bite Your Tail," I believe it was called. Thought to myself: They could be onto something here. As it turns out, I should have located the nearest block of wood and knocked upon it as soon as these thoughts bloomed. They show devolved rapidly into jam-y, lyric-less, Blah. He'd sing maybe a line or two, and then they'd plow along for three or four minutes with nothing sung. Still moderately enjoyable, but not really for which I was hoping. At least they looked like they were enjoying themselves on stage. They finish the show after half a dozen strummy nothings and walked off the stage. Once again, I must thank the gods. Because everybody else seemed to enjoy the last part of the show much more than I, there would be an encore. It just so happens that Sam Beam and crew once again meander to their respective spots and play us my favorite Iron & Wine song. Cinder and Smoke was just as good, if a little different than to what I'm used. So, thankfully, the evening ended on a high note.

    Okay. My rant is finished. I think I may sound like a bit of an asshole, so I'd like to say that I really, really enjoyed myself. The night was fantastic. I just wanted to complain a little. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.