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Über mich

I have been trying to get attention for Animals Asia to try to help put an end to bear bile farms. Moon bears are kept in cages to small for them to move and they have a painful open wound or an implanted metal catheter into the gallbladder to drain the bile. They can live as long as 30 years in this hell. Moon bears are very emotional animals and appear to be intelligent. At the time of rescue, they are in lots of pain and fear. They soon start to trust people and become happy. If you visit their website, you will see what I mean.

I started using Google+ circles and YouTube shares to spread the word and that seems to be helping significantly. I have well organized lists of videos including bear rescues, my favorite music and bands, misc animal videos, and various other things. I am uploading videos of the destructive ice storm of early December 2013 and Cas Haley's concert Nov 29th. My YouTube and Google+ username is MrTryptamineDreamer if you want to look me up. Maybe subscribe to my channel if you like it or join one of my circles.

I have been using Google+ circles and Youtube to promote them under the name MrTryptamineDreamer. You can get a lot of information there. I started this on 11/13/2013 and it seems to be generating results. You can join and we can help put a stop to this atrocity. I think moon bears can feel the same emotions we do just by looking at them. They are very forgiving and nobody has been seriously hurt even though I have seen pictures of people holding and touching adult moon bears that were rescued. They can smile - you can see the joy in the face of a moon bear on a swing, holding on with a big smile as he/she swings through the air

These bears on bile farms seem to clearly suffer more than any living thing on this planet, including humans. If you will just take a few minutes to find out what is going on, I think you will be shocked and maybe you would then want to help.

Few people know this is happening. Until the word gets out, things won't change much. If we work together, it will get widespread attention and could be stopped quickly. Lets do this!

I tried to kill myself twice this year (2013). I almost died late summer after taking many bottles of pills. After I blacked out and my memory ended, I somehow called my mom and told her I overdosed. She got home fast and knew I needed an ambulance. When they arrived, my blood pressure was 50/36. I was not breathing well. I finally lost consciousness and stopped breathing and they got the respirator on me. I woke up with the damn thing in my lungs and I felt like I could not breathe and I was going to vomit and choke on it. I was strapped down, but I somehow managed to pull one of the tubes out of my nose. I could not get the tube out of my throat but the nurse took it out, I guess because I removed one of the nose tubes. I could breathe fine then. Then I get a vacation to the nut house (it is not a fun place to be, but it worked out for the best). I have been having a manic episode for about two weeks and it was great. I think it is over now, but I am not sure. It has always felt like there was something missing in my life, an emptiness that would be with me forever. That feeling is gone. It will probably come back, but I'll enjoy and cherish this amazing feeling. (11/20/2013)

I am a student (major=Wildlife Biology and Broadfield Science [many animals I am interested in. I'd really like to research bears more than any other animals, though I have a long list of animals I would be interested in researching..] , minor=physics, I have an AS in computer information systems and am a certified computer technician - got the certification when I was 16 y/o.)

And also, that manic episode came back. It seems like I may have shifted into a state where I am manic much of the time.

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