• Fulvian

    OMG, no Tristania! what a disgrace! xD

    23. Mai. 2008, 23:17
  • Tristaniel

    Yes, that one's haunting me. However, I only started listening to them at some point back in 2005, and they haven't really played that many gigs since then, and none in Denmark. It's really sad :,(

    23. Mai. 2008, 23:45
  • LastDropFalls

    Ride The Sky are so poser on stage! :D I laughed so much when I saw them... good music anyway.. at least some of it. :)

    27. Mai. 2008, 13:41
  • Tristaniel

    Ride The Sky were just not nearly powerful enough, quite disappointing. I especially disliked how their lead singer wore a see-through shirt, he was just a few pounds too heavy for that. Well, at least they gave us enough time to go to the bar as well as get some pretty good spots up front.

    27. Mai. 2008, 20:02
  • LastDropFalls

    [quote]I especially disliked how their lead singer wore a see-through shirt, he was just a few pounds too heavy for that.[/quote] I was right in front of him, tell me about it... :D But the studio records are not that bad, come on. :) I like some songs. But they really should change their behavior on stage. I also didn't like the guitar player.. always doing some funny faces and the \m/ to the few people, including me, who were singing the songs... quite a traumatic experience it was actually, but I had Sonata afterwards to make me forget the trauma. :P

    2. Jun. 2008, 8:26
  • Tristaniel

    :D Well, all attention from the stage is good attention, right? ;) I've only listened to a few of their album tracks, perhaps I should give them another try. I guess I'm just expecting a lot of power metal bands' stage appearance. I blame HammerFall :)

    2. Jun. 2008, 14:50
  • LastDropFalls

    Never seen Hammerfall live and I don't really like them. :P And I haven't been to so many gigs to expect a certain type of appearance and attitude from the bands... I just like it when they are friendly and at some point you forget you're actually seeing your favorite band and think of then as some really really close friends. Guess I can blame Sonata for that but only a little. ;)

    3. Jun. 2008, 16:55
  • Tristaniel

    But HammerFall are so WARRIOR! :D But I agree, friendly really helps, not to mention an impression of the band enjoying themselves and understanding that they're there to give US a good show, not the other way around :) Sonata are really good at that, so are HammerFall and actually Alice Cooper. Well, most of all his band, Alice doesn't speak that much.

    4. Jun. 2008, 2:00
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