Best Releases of 2008


27. Dez. 2008, 23:29

Music plays an integral part of my life, so over past few days of the holidays i had a chance to catch up to releases from this year. And i decdided to make a list of my favourites.

  • 01. Alina Orlova - Laukinis Šuo Dingo
    genre: folk, world

    Absolutely #1 this year. Alina Orlova is a young singer-songwriter, painter and photographer from Visaginas, Lithuania. Her music could be described as short, soulful piano ballads with poetic lyrics.
    The artist became famous when she recorded about 17 demo tracks which quickly leaked to the internet. These included some covers of songs by Виктор Цой and Moby, but most of them were composed by Alina herself.

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  • 02. Parov Stelar - Libella Swing
    genre: swing, nu-jazz, electronic

    Parov Stelar aka Marcus Füreder lives and works in Linz, Austria. Interesting themes and structures preferably move in the protecting environment of the underground. Right where enough space and stages can be found for growth and development. The freedom of jazz combined with the groove of house and breakbeat describes the character of Parov Stelar. The main theme is clearly defined, high quality music engaged in functionality. Parov’s productions addresses the DJ at the club as well as the listener in his easy chair and. This particular album breaths new life into old swing music. That's why this album is a well deserved second this year.

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  • 03. Jamie Lidell - Jim
    genre: soul, funk, electronic

    Famed for his largely improvised shows, that see Jamie constructing his tracks live, voicing and layering right in front of your eyes, effortlessly whipping them out of the air and forging them into clanking electro riffs and deathprod funk grooves. This album for me brought back my interest for funk.

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  • 04. Bitter:Sweet - Drama
    genre: trip-hop, chillout, electronic

    Bitter:Sweet is an electronic/trip-hop duo with jazz-like qualities from Los Angeles. The band is comprised of Shana Halligan, who provides vocals and lyrics and composes the songs, and Kiran Shahani, who produces and composes the songs. This album works for every lazy sunday morning.

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  • 05. Raphael Saadiq - The Way I See It
    genre: soul, funk

    Saadiq made a name for himself as the lead vocalist in the rhythm and blues and dance trio Tony! Toni! Toné!. He went by his birth name during the beginning of Tony! Toni! Toné!, where he was joined by his brother Dwayne Wiggins, and his cousin Timothy Christian. He adopted the name of Raphael Saadiq in the mid-1990s. This album brings back the old feeling of soul.

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  • 06. Madrugada - Madrugada
    genre: rock

    Madrugada (“early morning” in spanish and portuguese) is a Norwegian rock band formed in 1995 who hail from a little place called Stokmarknes in Vesteraalen. This particluar album... wel i can't really describe what feeling it gives. It's real easy and yet very powerful.

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  • 07. Rekevin - A Peacock
    genre: trip-hop, downtempo

    Rekevin’s music perfectly combines melancholic downtempo and tender acid jazz, played exceptionally live and supported by tender emotional vocals of charming singer Ksenia. The band has won the best Moscow stages gaining the recognition of live electronic fans in Russia and abroad. Presentation of the long-awaited debut album “A Peacock” took place in January 2008 and created a furore. Musicians produced the album independently of any labels and companies. The band managed to find perfect combination of funky musical equipment like sequencers, guitars and valve microphones with modern means of sound treatment. 'Nuff said

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  • 08. Ikimono Gakari - ライフアルバム
    genre: j-rock

    Ikimono Gakari (いきものがかり) is a three member Japanese rock band that formed in 1999. Their latest album introduced me to j-rock. The sound really gives me a feeling of hapiness. Just give this one a try.

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  • 09. In Flames - A Sense of Purpose
    genre: melodic metal

    In Flames was founded in 1990 in Gothenburg, Sweden by Jesper Strömblad as a side project from his then-current death metal band Ceremonial Oath. Jesper formed In Flames in order to write songs with a more melodic and progressive musical direction. In Flames has been highly influencial for me in my teenager years. It's something most people don't like, not for the faint of heart. For me it is a way to let go with some power. Their style changed a bit with this album, but still very good. And i needed at least one metal album in here.

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  • 10. Stereophonics - Decade In The Sun
    genre: rock, indie

    Stereophonics formed in 1992 in Cwmaman, Wales and was originally known as “Tragic Love Company,” taking one word from each member’s favourite band (The Tragically Hip, Mother Love Bone, and Bad Company). This band has only come to my full attention this year, but i played them most of all this year. The reason it received a 10th place is because this is a best of album. No new tracks...


  • TreKronor

    It's was very well deserved. Her album impressed me greatly. Новый Год!

    31. Dez. 2008, 10:46
  • TreKronor

    I know a little bit, i studied it for a few months. But thanks for the correction. I knew it wasn't compeletly right...

    31. Dez. 2008, 11:48
  • stretts

    am checking out new parov stelar now, really interested in the club version of homesick!

    2. Jan. 2009, 8:30
  • TreKronor

    My favourite track on that album would be Libella Swing itself.

    2. Jan. 2009, 12:29
  • stretts

    flame of fame and monster his newest releases are also soooo good

    8. Mär. 2009, 11:22
  • TreKronor

    I agree, Monster is very good. I got that one a few days ago

    8. Mär. 2009, 13:30
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