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  • caviesfan79

    So glad you gave Protest the Hero a try! I really have gotten behind them for some of the same reasons that drew me to TROK: intelligent songwriting. I love what they sing about. They're full of puns and clever witticisms in their lyrics, all while shredding with the best of them as they sing. I think my favorite album from them is Scurrilous; a bit lighter on the growls than the previous release (Fortress), very technical, and very fun/easy to sing along with once you learn. Opeth's older stuff is harder for me to get behind - I LOVE their new stuff, though, that's mostly prog rock. You should check out Katatonia as well, they're one of my favorite prog/rock/metal bands, and they have all clean vocals now (back in the 90s they were legit black metal, like... funeral procession screaming haha. I prefer them much more the way they are now).

    26. Apr., 13:16 Antworten

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