Our new track on a compilation "Necromorphosis. Vol.4 - The Rebellion Generation"


22. Mai. 2012, 14:37

Our new track titled "Password" is released on a compilation "Necromorphosis. Vol.4 - The Rebellion Generation"!

Sampler is free and here you can download it - http://www.mediafire.com/?gazakigy6m7cwjm


1. Red-Line - La Flamme
2. Koca Ínak - Gracias a la vida (Violeta Parra Cover)
3. Traumatize - Password
4. Antythesys - It's not Over until it's Over (Shut the fuck up mix) Bass Gain
5. Asinaptico - Save You From Yourself
6. C_File - Bondazh i disciplina
7. Miss Warrior - Ready to Go
8. Proyecto Crisis – No Human Survives (RSM Remix)
9. CoexPro - Tu Sangre [Lucybell Cover]
10. Paradoxie- Massiver-Herzstich
11. LA-X- Mi Corazon (Rebellion Generation Edit)
12. Ammen - Los Momentos (Eduardo Gatti Cover)
13.2 Bullet - Ya basta!
14. MiDiMAN - Tejedores de Ilusión (La Ley Cover)
15. Khey- Get Up
16. Vault-113 - Saw Theme Interpretation


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