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Über mich


♫ "I’ve got a photograph of you
I’m tearing it wide open
Broken like you left my heart

When everything is new
I’ll be chasing circles
Trying to find a place to start" ♫


♫ "Love is our resistance
They'll keep us apart and they wont to stop breaking us down
Hold me
our lips must always be sealed" ♫


♫ "Some stories unfold
This one showed its colors instantly
From the start I knew
Who you were

But I didn’t walk away
Just understimated
The wounds of denial
Were self inflicted

Just because
You love too hard
Just because
You love too much" ♫


Fan Of Trance

"Trance to nie tylko muzyka. To styl życia, inne, zmysłowe spojrzenie na świat,
do głębokiego brzmienia wzbudzającego wielkie emocje.
Słuchając możesz skakać albo płakać, poczuć przypływ energii
lub też wzruszenie i
fale wspomnień. Trance jest jak ocean uczuć - kiedy raz sie w nim zanurzysz -
utoniesz, uzależni Cię i będzie Ci towarzyszyć już na zawsze..."

No.1 of uplifting / epic / emotional trance

Andy Blueman

Andy Blueman is Andrej Komatovic, born 1982 in Slovenia. Andy first discovered trance music in 1997 when he bought the album, Dream Dance. Since then, his interest in trance music has grown, expanded and matured. Near the end of 2001, he started producing his own music, following his brother who did the same the year before.

Until recently, Andy was producing with a variety of tools and experimenting with different styles, such as ambient/chill out, film music, melodic, progressive and uplifting trance. At the present time, he is producing uplifting trance with his own classical compositions.

- Everlasting (Original Mix)
- Florescence (Epic Mix)
- Neverland (Original Mix)
- Nyctalopia (Club Mix)
- Sea Tides (Original Mix)
- The World To Come (Andy Blueman Mix)
- Time To Rest (Daniel Kandi Bangin Mix)


Psalm of is my shepard,
I shall not want;
It makes me lie down in green pastures,
lets me listen to the radio it want to;
it restores my soul.
Its recommendations lead me to the right music,
for its name's sake.

Even though there are bad days,
like shutdown of on-demand streaming,
I fear no evil;
for You are with me;
Your radio and your staff,
they comfort me.

Surely new inventions and cool stuff shall follow me
all the days of my life;
and I shall dwell at the homepage of forever.

Tune in! (x2)

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