Dear Whoever

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Titel Dauer
1 November BlessingCan I Keep You Loved track 3:18
2 Scary Kids Scaring KidsThe Only Medicine 2:51
3 AlesanaDaggers Speak Louder Than Words Loved track 3:27
4 Dear WhoeverA Place for the End [*] Loved track 4:04
5 Bright EyesLua Loved track 4:27
6 Armor for SleepAwkward Last Words 3:46
7 The HorrorsWho Can Say Loved track 3:40
8 Senses FailCan't Be Saved Loved track 3:07
9 From First to LastNote To Self Loved track 4:00
10 Box Car RacerI Feel So Loved track 4:30


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