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Storm CorrosionHag (Demo) gestern Abend
Storm CorrosionDrag Ropes (Demo) gestern Abend
Storm CorrosionLjudet innan gestern Abend
Storm CorrosionLock Howl gestern Abend
Storm CorrosionHappy gestern Abend
Storm CorrosionHag gestern Abend
Storm CorrosionStorm Corrosion gestern Abend
Storm CorrosionDrag Ropes gestern Abend
Atrium CarceriHumanity's Cradle 13. Jan., 19:29
Atrium CarceriDear Diary 13. Jan., 19:26
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Über mich

If I had to make the (almost) inconceivable choice of only listening to one genre it would be black metal. Pure black metal. Atmospheric black metal. All the other different flavours and varieties of it. Black metal combined with other genres. I'm passionate about it.

I also enjoy pagan, death, doom, some progressive, and you can find more metal sub-genres in my regularly played lists. I do occasionally listen to non-metal such as dark ambient, neofolk and post-rock, and I'm still influenced by my classical background, but get into metal withdrawal fairly quickly.

Apart from music, interests include technology, science, art, photography and natural environments. I'm currently exploring MOOCs and am particularly enjoying programming. I also like to hang out in virtual worlds (gaming and otherwise) but I am in rehab from the heavy stuff.

\m/ ಠ_ಠ \m/

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