• Paramore 13/11/10

    14. Nov. 2010, 14:56

    Sat 13 Nov – Paramore, B.o.B, fun.

    Well, I went to the EE line and I qued up for about an hour or so. They started letting all the normal line into some gate things. When I walked into the arena it was just perfect, breath taking. I thought it would be much bigger though, but it was perfect. I stood at the front, 1 person from the barrier in front of Hayley. On the barrier at the front it said something about them filming. I was also talking to a girl next to me that just came out a m&g, she said that Paramore said to them that they are trying to film the show for a DVD or something. After about 45 minutes or so the arena was half filled, then fun. came on. They were actually really good live, but no one was really into it. Then about 10 minuets late B.o.B came on. He was just amazing. On the last song, Airplanes, Hayley came out and sang with him, obviously. After B.o.B's set we waited for Paramore for around half hour. The lights dimmed down and the intro started, with the curtains and all. The curtain dropped and went straight into Ignorance, the crowd was wild! The next song was Feeling Sorry. After a few other songs, then played Never Let This Go (acoustic) and Where The lines Overlap (Acoustic), When It Rains (Acoustic) and Misguided ghosts. They played more songs but I dont remember the order. Looking up was amazing, and the screens were awesome! Brick By Boring Brick & Misery Business was the encore. towards the end of MizBiz Hayley said she needed another singer, Josh Franceschi (Lead singer of You Me At Six) came out and he sang the end of MixzBiz with Hayley, then loads of confetti came flying out.
    And then the gig ended :( & I stole loads of confetti. :)
    K bye!