4. Dez. 2006, 13:40

    BOB filled the album with 13 smash-hits and BOB doesn’t lie! Minimalist lyrics, catchy electric tunes, an unpretentious guitar and deep voices are the ingredients of it.
    The first sound you hear on the album, is how the album sounds. It starts with “Yes For Sure”. The song which has got airplay at the Austrian radio station FM4 and is part of their CD Soundselection 13. The lyrics could be part of a book with the title English For Beginners Part One. „Hello, how are you / I’m fine, thank you how are you / I’m fine, where’s the station please…” there is no reason to sing a song with this lyrics, but, honestly, who cares about reasons. The second songs topic is that sometimes parties are held and sometimes people are late to get to these parties.
    But BOB takes BOB seriously, as everybody will agree by listening to the self-titled song with the following lyrics „BOB was swimming and hurt an iceberg / but bob is happy and bob feels good / he’s never angry / he’s BOB and that’s good“
    BOB’s music follows the rules of pop-music without breaking them, verse and chorus in every song. BOB made his homework and listening to Depeche Mode is a big part of it. The producer of the album is Claude la Roche, no need to remember his name, you can’t forget him. Check the In-lay of the cd and you’ll know more about his inexistence.
    BOB IS 2 people: mastermind and the beautiful frontman, aka Tom Floyd and Tom Octave. Both of them are in their early thirties, both of them are coming from the north of Italy, from South Tyrol. One of them lives now in London, where he also works as an architect, the other one lives in Vienna, where he won the official FM4-Protest-Song-Contest 2006. They were the publisher of the “zeitschriftausdadamerz”, a magazine inspired by the work of Kurt Schwitters and they like to participate at poetry slams and to win them.
    Tom Floyd published also some of his literature with his name jörg zemmler (e.g. „leihworte“, edition ch, wien, 2004, „bevor ich sterbe“, edition a, wien, 2006) and makes other music with his joerg zemmler band and Tom Octave makes also music on his own calling himself Tom Wayne.