• Tobymono

    It'd be impossible to have a room full of people as grumpy as I was last night.

    10. Nov. 2006, 21:32
  • indy-kid

    I agree with nathaliejob, I think it's about your attitude. I went to see The Fratellis on the NME rock n roll riot tour, not only had The Maccabees and The Horrors pulled out, but before the bands came on some guy pissed all over the floor right in front of us and put me and my mates in a bad mood. In an attempt to get away from the ever enlarging pool of urine we got to the back and from there it sounded shit. We left the gig thinking The Fratellis were shit live but in hindsight they would have been a lot better if we were happy and jumping at the front.

    27. Nov. 2006, 17:51
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