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Über mich

Although lastfm is a good indicator of the music that i listen to (and i am a music nut by the way...) it is also not a complete accurate one. I tended to listen more to music while driving than at home but that has changed over time so i guess now it's not really an issue.
However there are some things that i listen to which are not tagged, (bootlegs), so that doesn't show up here on the site.

At home the computer is my very own personal HI-FI system. I listen to a lot of different things but mainly Rock and its many encarnations.Also, despite the fact that i rarely listen to them nowadays, since i know every single note, nuance and inflection of their songs, thus making it a little bit more difficult to listen to them than in the past, Pink Floyd is and will ever be the greatest rock band ever.
Deal with it.


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