• Jason Loewenstein

    26. Jul. 2006, 14:36

    For all of you who know or dont Jason Loewenstein was one part of Sebadoh along with Lou Barlow & Eric Gaffney (Or Bob Fay,whoever was playing drums at the time)I just wanted all the Sebadoh fans to be aware that Jason Loewenstein has a solo album out titled 'At Sixes & Sevens' which is also similar to sebadoh's music and also kicks alot of ass im not sure if all of you are aware of this album so..Go and check it out you wont be let down by it.
  • Syd Barrett R.I.P

    11. Jul. 2006, 16:10

    Syd Barrett, founding member of Pink Floyd and legendarilly scrambled-noggin genius, has died.

    According to a spokesperson from Pink Floyd, Barrett died at the weekend after suffering complications resulting from his type two diabetes.

    His brother Alan confirmed the news, saying "He died peacefully at home. There will be a private family funeral in the next few days."

    As everyone knows, Barrett provided the mercurial element in Pink Floyd's early psychedlic meanderings before he had a massive breakdown, apparently brought on by taking too much acid, though many have speculated that he was a schizophrenic.

    Since being booted out of Pink Floyd, Barrett lived at his mother's old house in Cambridgeshire, where he died on Friday.

    He is lost but shall not be forgotton.! R.I.P Syd.
  • Sleater Kinney

    28. Jun. 2006, 16:15

    Have you all heard the news?

    Much-loved American rock act Sleater Kinney have called it a day after more than a decade.

    The band, featuring Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker and Janet Weiss, will honour their touring commitments before bidding au revoir to their indie brothers and sisters.

    In a statement they said: "After eleven years as a band, Sleater-Kinney have decided to go on indefinite hiatus.

    "The upcoming summer shows will be our last. As of now, there are no plans for future tours or recordings. We feel lucky to have had the support of many wonderful people over the years. We want to thank everyone who has worked with us, written kind words about us, performed with us, and inspired us.

    "But mostly we want to extend our gratitude to our amazing fans. You have been a part of our story from the beginning. We could not have made our music without your enthusiasm, passion, and loyalty. It is you who have made the entire journey worthwhile."

    What a kick in the balls huh i was hoping to see them live at least one more time before they did this :( Oh they left us with some kick ass albums i shouldnt moan really,Just a big suprise more than anything.

    Thank god for sleater kinney. Long live their music!!
  • Upcomming Shows

    23. Jun. 2006, 15:09

    Few shows im off to in the next few months and so on.

    Shooting At Unarmed Men - Clwb Ifor Bach - 05/07/2006
    The Silver Jews - The Point,Cardiff - 14/07/2006
    The Lemonheads - Somerset House Strand London - 16/07/2006
    Isis/Thrones - The Point,Cardiff 19/07/2006
    Girls Against Boys - Camden High Street/Koko - 21/07/2006 (Performing Venus Luxure No.1 Baby)
    All Tomorrows Parties/The Nightmare Before X-mas - December.

    Also..will be seeing Silver Jews at a folk festival here in wales to and many other bands,Oh and motorhead are comming to town so may have to check lemmy and the boys out to.