Luna Ray, 22, Niederlande
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Rivers CuomoVictory on the Hill 26. Mai., 21:46
Rivers CuomoI Want to Take You Home Tonight 26. Mai., 21:42
MetallicaThe Unforgiven III 26. Mai., 20:48
Crush 40Open Your Heart (New Mix) 24. Mai., 23:01
Nine Inch NailsInto the Void 24. Mai., 20:52
EditorsWalk the Fleet Road 24. Mai., 15:12
EditorsEat Raw Meat = Blood Drool 24. Mai., 15:07
EditorsLike Treasure 24. Mai., 15:02
EditorsThe Boxer 24. Mai., 14:58
EditorsThe Big Exit 24. Mai., 14:53
EditorsYou Don't Know Love Lieblingslied 24. Mai., 14:48
EditorsPapillon Lieblingslied 24. Mai., 14:43
EditorsBricks and Mortar 24. Mai., 14:36
EditorsIn This Light and on This Evening Lieblingslied 24. Mai., 14:32
Black SabbathElectric Funeral 24. Mai., 13:15
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Über mich

Hello. I live in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. I make music as Luna Ray. You should check it out, it's pretty good. Especially my latest album Carnival of Monsters. But then again, I would be saying that because I made it. But even if I hadn't, I would still say this is good. But I did make it, and how many people make things and then up hating them? Well, actually, a lot, probably. I mean, even I've written songs I don't like. Those aren't on my albums though, so you can still check those out and not run into any tracks that I made without liking them myself. Not that I'm implying my taste is somehow objective and applies to anyone, but I do think that my music has the potential to be liked by a wide selection of people who exist, and perhaps even some that don't. I mean, fictional characters are often seen liking things, so it's entirely possible that one will at some point exist who likes my music. After all, as fictional characters continue to be created, the chance that no fictional character likes my music decreases exponentially and if you're still reading this then you probably have a decent amount of free time, which you can use to click that link up there and go check out some of my songs. Please?