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RobynDancing on My Own 23. Jan., 14:11
The New PornographersUnguided 23. Jan., 9:10
Field MusicShe Can Do What She Wants 23. Jan., 9:05
Field MusicPlace Yourself 23. Jan., 9:02
The CardigansSick & Tired 23. Jan., 8:58
Original CastReviewing the Situation 22. Jan., 13:09
Big BoiShutterbugg (ft. Cutty) 22. Jan., 13:00
Big BoiFollow Us (ft. Vonnegutt) 22. Jan., 12:57
Big BoiTurns Me On (ft. Sleepy Brown, Joi) 22. Jan., 12:53
Big BoiDaddy Fat Sax 22. Jan., 12:51
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  • f_k_o_s

    I'm in Manchester until the end of June-ish, exam time. I don't want to head back to Crewe for the summer but finances may dictate otherwise. The contract for the house I'm moving into in Fallowfield is half rent for July/August but it goes up to full rent if you actually move in during those months which is a complete swindle I think! I envy you and your place in Chorlton. So much more going on around here than in Crewe.

    10. Mai. 2011 Antworten
  • f_k_o_s

    Why hullo there, Chris! \o/

    9. Mai. 2011 Antworten

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