• Even More Things About Me

    10. Jan. 2012, 2:34

    Here I'll post all tests n' shit

    You Are a Mystic

    You are an island. You don't need anyone else to make you happy.
    And though you see yourself as a loner, people are drawn to you.
    Deep and sensitive, you tend to impress others with your insights.
    You also tend to be psychic - so listen to that inner voice!

    Your strength: Your self sufficiency

    Your weakness: You despise authority

    Your power color: Maroon

    Your power symbol: Hammer

    Your power month: July

    What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

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    You Are a Rebel

    You're a wild child, and you aren't about to slow down anytime soon.
    You're the type of person who will do something just to say that you did it!

    You don't worry too much about getting caught - you're having too much fun breaking the rules.
    While you may not be involved in illegal activities, you do like breaking social norms.

    The Ice Cream Cone Test

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    You Are Serious

    You are so wise it's intoxicating. People are blown away by the things you say.
    In life, you are happy to take the sweet with the sour. You wouldn't want to feel too much of one emotion.

    You are likely very literary and philosophical. You savor life, and you appreciate others who do as well.
    You are very cosmopolitan and urban. It drives you crazy when people have a limited or provincial perspective.

    The Cocktail Test

    Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding

    You Are Wild

    You know how to "go with the flow" and take advantage of what is given to you.
    You definitely like to keep moving and changing in your life. You're always looking for your next muse or inspiration.

    You dare to be different, and almost all the risks you take come out in your favor.
    You are imaginative and very visual. You can see yourself doing something before you actually do it.

    The Adventure Test

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  • 2012 And the End of the World...

    23. Nov. 2009, 22:05

    I am here again, This time i am going to talk a bout 2012 and the end of the world. Everyday i see in T.V the trailers of the "2012" movie, and i think, yes, the end of the world. But i think, if the end of the world in in 2012, why do we have to care at 2009? What if is not at 2012, and it is just a mistake, or a leyend? I know they came from a tribe who predicted many other what. Shouldnt we live everyday as if it were the last one? The same thing people said at the 666, and anything happened, so why should we believe it this time?

    I think the world ends, whenever the world ends, if it is tomorrow, we cant do much, if it ends thins night, it makes no big difference. Whenever the world ends, it ends, thats it, maybe it ends in 34 year, and anyone said anything...maybe an asteroid crashes Earth next year, and the world end, so it ended in 2010, no 2012, i dont care if you think it will end in 3 years, just do what ever you have to do, and what you want to do,not more or less, so if you die, you can die happy.

    Have a happy day, and look my other blogs.
  • Lady GaGa ft Marilyn Manson: Lovegame rmx

    20. Nov. 2009, 14:28

    Well, long time ago, i got the news that Marilyn Manson did a song with Lady GaGa, or that Lady GaGa did a remix of one of her songs with Manson. Inmediately something went into my mind: "The Dope Show", maybe because the lyrics are about those famous people who live in L.A or in Hollywood, who go shopping everyday and have a big amount of money in their banks, im talking about stars. Is obvious that Manson did this song time before Lady GaGa appeared, now she is one the famous pop singers , and i've heard that she is a celebrity, she gets invited to big parties in L.A, appears every f**kin day at MTV and other tv channels, and well, she is a celebrity. So if Manson hates celebrities, why does he do a song with GaGa, did he forget about "The Dope Show"?

    I think Manson does awesome music, but what was thinking about when he accepted?

    here is the song THE RESULTS IN YOUTUBE
  • Random Friend Requests

    17. Nov. 2009, 0:00

    This time I want to talk about this friend requests of people who dont even talk to you.
    When i was a little bit youger and with another user, i was not the person i am now, i wanted everyone to know me etc, specially here, at, so i added every single person i saw. But now, i discovered it was something....stupid. Why would i consider someone as my "friend" if we dont even talk?. With my actual account, i have rejected several friends-request of people who dont even pass and say "Hey, good taste" or " Hey, cheers/greetings from Norway/U.S/Poland/Italy/Finland/UK" or many other countries, but i have seen users with a huge amount of friends with which they talk with 2-3 and with amount i am talking about 70 or some times 100 and one time an user with 670friends. I know i have made some random request, and i dont talk much to those users, but i talk to them at least 6 times before adding them and later-on we keep talking for a while, or maybe becuase they are leaders from my groups or because they are from one of my groups and we talk there, so maybe we dont talk at my profile but we do at some group. Even if i dont like rejecting those friend-requests, i just dont accept them, so if those users decide to talk to me, i have the request anywhays.

    I just want to say that before adding someone ask yourself this: can we be considered as "friends". And remember that what kind of friend, doesnt talk with his/her other friends?

    Greetings from Colombia, comment and rate and share

    Talk to me! People who wont accept random friend requests group
  • What is wrong with

    6. Okt. 2009, 16:51

    As we all know, now has a paiment. That is comprehensible, but what i dont understant, is why if they are persons that pay, there are more singles in that we cant listen, this grows everyday. I think that the persons that pay, , must have a regular amount of singles.

    This is the same with the people that dont pay, how could an user pay, if the artists he/she listens to doesnt has reproductive singles?

    I have seen entire artists without songs...maybe it is the artist's fault, but must do something about it if they care about what the users think, and listen.

    Plus, we must add the recomendation, those songs that get into your playlist-while-listening without your knowledge (they arent even at your list)

    I don´t hate moderators or anything like that, I know must pay them, I'm just saying that now that the payment is on (is or pay, or listen 30 songs), the amount of singles must grow. For example the artist In This Moment has no singles available to listen. must take you to the point where you think: ok, this is great, but if I pay, this is just level 2!.