Thu 24 Jan – The Police


25. Jan. 2008, 7:23

Thu 24 Jan – The Police

From my blog, on the Sydney concert (The Police):

Bloody hell, that was amazing.

They opened with Message in a Bottle, ended with Roxanne, then completed the encores with the classic finale, Next To You. At least 15 other tracks were included beyond that.

The highlights:

What was just the best thing ever was the fact that almost every song had a fresh arrangement that allowed Summers a lot more breathing room than the originals. Copeland's creativity just consistently blows me away. And Sting had a beard that he grew in Byron Bay.

The whole thing just felt looser and more improvised, even though it was all obviously well-rehearsed. This is exactly what I wanted -- a dream come true -- these three musicians coming together after 20 years of separate musical development to create something familiar yet still fresh and new. Here's hoping they record again together...

The setlist, as I recall (some ordering may be messed up):

It was essentially their Latin America setlist. At the moment I’m drawing a blank as to whether or not Truth Hits Everybody was included or not -- I suspect not.

I missed the support act Fiction Plane -- they sounded decent from outside, but no great loss -- but I was treated to Fergie singing my humps. Hey, it's an award-winning song!

My confession: Fergie's stuff wasn’t that bad when it was UP LOUD. It was her rock medley (featuring covers of McCartney, Led Zep and the Stones, believe it or not) that was the most surreal part of the night, however.

Oh, and I met Marcia Hines while I was there.

Photos from the night can be found here.

P.S. I realise the pedigree of Fiction Plane, and yes, it's disappointing not to see them, but I came to see the main act with great friends. It was a great night.
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