Soundtrack To My 2010 Life


29. Aug. 2010, 13:19

Opening Credits: Nostrovia

Exciting Way To Start lol

Waking Up: She Said Goodbye

Tad Depressing, Hopefully day gets better

First Day at High School: Made in Hell

Fits, i think lol

Falling In Love: Small Change


Fight Song: Solitary Man

maybe im not the fighting type lol

Breaking Up: Welcome to the Nightmare

Prom: The Bright Young Things

My kinda prom!

Life: Thin The Herd

im not a very nice person am i lol

Mental Breakdown: Graveyard Tree

fun breakdown!

Driving: This Is Called My Home

Makes sense as i dont drive

Flashback: Chemicals

very appropriate

Getting Back Together: Danger - Keep Away
a warning perhaps?

Wedding: I'll Take New York
Devorce more like lol

Birth Of Child: Deathblow

the lyrics apply so fucking well

Final Battle: Ghost of Louvre

could work

Death Scene: Join Me In Death [Strongroom Mix]

i did not fake that... haha awesome

Funeral Song:In the Veins

hehe blood in my veins

End Credits: Tomorrow Never Comes

im very happy with that!


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