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We are entertainers, educators and activist whom like good music. Lyrics must be timeless, thought provoking and soul stirring. TheRecipeKC fm is old and new skool R&B, jazz, funk and Hip Hop, plus spoken word, Nu MUse-ik Poetry, which is poetry music with an old school, Jazz, hip hop, blues, funk feel older crowds appreciate, as younger ones gravitate to good taste.
Our cd's, Nu MUsse-ik Poetry, in the way of PInk Floyd are concept albums, the entire cd tells a story. Poetry form presents it's self when 16 bars contain quatrains, tercets, haiku's, sonnets, etc., always with a message. We are the next evolution of poetry and music. Entertainment equals music culture movement conscious. Theodore “Priest” Hughes and Desmond “3-3-7” Jones, life time poets began to work together. We believe that by exemplifying excellence and team work as spoken word artist/activist we can influence change and encourage people by example to work together towards common goals.


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