R.I.P. Piggy


29. Okt. 2007, 19:26

Last week was such a crap week, starting with the crazy fires here in San Diego. But what really topped it off was the closing of OiNK. This was by far the best place to download high quality music, from the usual popular mainstream stuff to some of the most obscure albums out there. There's no telling how many new bands I discovered from that place. Hell, even one of my top artists, Astronatalis, was a member and posted some of his own difficult to find works up there. I feel like i'm in the dark ages now. The age of crap 128kbps soulseek downloads when cd's were spun by hand and copied via pencil and paper crafted from a tree you had to cut down yourself. Ok, maybe not that bad. I've moved on to some alternative places, but none I've found are anywhere near as extensive. I can only hold on the the hope that one day prophecy will come true and the great pig will return.


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