• 2014, so far...

    25. Jul. 2014, 14:03

    It’s already July,...
    ... the first half of the year is gone, some music I enjoyed so far. Some of the stuff that was released during the last month hasn’t arrived here yet (like some new Cosmic Winnetou- and Wasistdas?-Tapes and music from Golden Lab Records, for example). So there’s plenty of stuff missing. I could have listed more, ... no particular order, anyway.

    2014 – Records
    Sleaford Mods – Divide & Exit (Harbinger Sound)
    Ø – Konstellaatio (Sähkö)
    Swans – To Be Kind (Mute/Young God)
    Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides – Aulo’s Second Reed (Beniffer)
    Datashock – Keine Oase in Sicht (Dekorder)
    Peter Michael Hamel / Thomas Gunderman – Coincidence (Schneeball)
    Sir Richard Bishop – Hypostasis (VDSQ)
    Ryley Walker – All Kinds of You (Tompkins Square)
    Günter Schlienz - Contemplation (Preservation)
    Chain & The Gang – Minimum Rock n’ Roll (
    Samara Lubelski – String Cycle (Ultra Eczema)
    Loren Connors / Vapour Theories – Split-LP (Carbon)
    Jon Collin – Burnt Monday (Golden Lab, I’m waiting on it, but I know it’s a killer!)
    Ignatz & De Stervende Honden – Teenage Boys (Ultra Eczema)
    Dredd Foole/Ben Chasny – Drunk With Insignificance (Feeding Tube)
    Al Doum & The Faryds – Cosmic Love (Black Sweat)
    Bill Orcutt – Solo Guitar Vol. 10 (VDSQ)
    Jason Lescalleet – Much To My demise (Kye)
    Bird People – Autumnal Hum (DeadVox)
    Filipe Felizardo – Volume II / Sede E Morte (Three|Four Records)
    H. Usui – Sings The Blues (VHF)
    Hellvete – Ode (Deep Distance)
    Marissa Nadler – July (Sacred Bones)
    Nils Quak / Dino Spiluttini – Modular Anxiety (Umor Rex)
    Black Dirt Oak – Wawayanda Patent (MIE)
    The Cosmic Dead - Easterfaust (Sound Of Cobra)
    Belfi / Grubbs / Pilia – Dust & Mirrors (Drag City)
    Astor – Inland (Kye)
    Tenses – Howard (Audiomer)
    Alvarius B / Sir Richard Bishop – If you don’t like it,... don’t (Three Lobed)

    2014 – Reissues
    Entombed – Wolverine Blues (Earache)
    Pascal Comelade – My Degeneration Electronics 1974-1983 (Viny On Demand)
    Laraaji – Celestial Music (All Saints)
    Orphan Fairytale – My Favorite Fairytale (Aguirre)
    Erik K. Skodvin – Flare / Flame (Sonic Pieces)
    Joe McPhee – Nation Time (Bo’ Weavil)
    Joel Vandroogenbroeck – Biomechanoid (Aguirre)
    Bobby Beausoleil – Orb (Black Moss)
    Morton Subotnick – Silver Apples On The Moon (Karlrecords)
    Peter Brötzman Trio – For Adolphe Sax (Cien Fuegos)

    2014 - Tapes
    González&Steenkiste – Dimly Lit (Fort Evil Fruit)
    Ho. Turner – Systematic (Entr’acte)
    Daniel Higgs / Michael Zerang – Higgs / Zerang (Lake Palace)
    Ekin Fil – A Moon Heart (Bathetic)
    Brannten Schnüre – Aprilnacht (SicSic)
    Least Carpet – Back alley (Feathered Coyote)
    Georgel Nord – Dieseitsflug/Jenseitsflug (Lotboy)
    V.A. – Casstte van Antwerpen (Ultra Eczema)
    Matt Baldwin – Golden Twins (Sloow Tapes)
    Flamingo Creatures – Hybrids Unlimited (Feathered Coyote)

    2014 – Gigs
    31.01.2014: Omega Massif – Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt
    01.03.2014: Mike & Cara Gangloff – Kraak Festival, Aalst
    18.04.2014: Datashock – Bei Ruth, Berlin
    26.04.2014: Sir Richard Bishop – Unrock, Krefeld
    11.05:2014: Sleaford Mods – Tsunami, Köln

    ... and of course all the Phantom Limbo Gigs – thank you for playing and hanging out!
  • 2013: Year In Music

    19. Dez. 2013, 14:42

    Music in 2013: LPs (and a few CDs)

    The first 10 have been the ones that I came back to on a weekly basis (more or less). The Pelt Part Wild Gate is still fresh, but since I got the digital file in advance with the LP-preorder it’s stuck on my ipod. And number one is really Number One: 2013, year of the Mods.

    „Man Of The Year“ – so to speak: Steve Gunn. „Time Off“, „Golden Gunn“, „Cat Mask At Huggie Temple“ and the record I haven’t had the chance to listen to yet: „Melodies For A Savage Kick“… amazing output. Following the man since early days of GHQ and it’s getting better and better.

    A quick look on the list reveals: I’m not buying into the „noise/underground gone techno/dance“-thing. Didn’t like it back then when NNF started the 100% Silk, don’t know what to do with the new Heatsick or something and I’m afraid it’ll stay that way. No hard feelings, it’s just not my cup of tea.

    Why 70 (+1)? Why not! I love them all! That said, enjoy!

    1. Sleaford Mods – Austerity Dogs (Harbinger)
    2. Pelt Part Wild Gate – Hung On Sunday (MIE)
    3. Chuck Johnson – Crows In The Basilica (Three Lobed)
    4. Maan – Maanifold (Kraak)
    5. Roscoe Mitchell / Tony Marsh / John Edwards – Improvisations (Otoroku)
    6. Jon Collin – High Peak Selections (Winebox Press)
    7. Wolf Eyes – No Answers: Lower Floors (DeStjil)
    8. Hellvete – Sint-Denijs (Blackest Rainbow)
    9. Steve Gunn – Time Off (Paradise Of Bachelors)
    10. Duane Pitre – Bridges (Important)

    11. Richard Dawson – The Glass Trunk (Alt. Vinyl)
    12. Kim Salmon & Spencer P. Jones – Runaways (Bang!)
    13. Daniel Bachman – Jesus, I’m A Sinner (Tompkins Square)
    14. Marginal Consort – Instal Glasgow 2008 (PAN)
    15. Dylan Nyoukis – The Acrylic Window (Discombobulate)
    16. Aine O’Dwyer – Anything Bright Or Startling (Second Language)
    17. Jakob Ullman – Fremde Zeit Addendum 4 (Edition RZ)
    18. Keiji Haino / Jim O’Rourke / Oren Ambarchi – Now While It's Still... (Black Truffle)
    19. Mike Gangloff – Poplar Hollow (Blackest Rainbow)
    20. Limpe Fuchs / Timo Van Luijk /Christoph Heeman – Macchia (Streamline)

    21. M. Geddes Gengras – Collected WorksVol. 1, The Moog Years (Umor Rex)
    22. Iancu Dumitrescu – Pierres Sacrées /Hazard And Tectonics (Ideologic Organ)
    23. Alvarius B. – Fuck You And The HorseYou Rode In On (Abduction)
    24. Dead C – Armed Courage (Ba Da Bing)
    25. Lieven Martens Moana – Music FromThe Guardhouse (Kraak)
    26. Harold Budd – Perhaps (Root Strata)
    27. Keith Fullerton Whitman / Floris VanHoof – Split (Shelter Press)
    28. Ignatz – Can I Go Home Now (Fonal)
    29. MV&EE – Shade Grown (Blackest Rainbow)
    30. Herbcraft – The Astral Body Electric (Woodsist)

    31. Bassholes – Boogieman Stew (Columbus Discount)
    32. Loren Connors – A Fire (Family Vineyard)
    33. PitreEleh – PitreEleh (Important)
    34. Nate Young – Blinding Confusion (NNA)
    35. Date Plams – Dusted Sessions (Thrill Jockey)
    36. Bitchin’ Bajas – Bitchitronics (Drag City)
    37. Golden Gunn – Golden Gunn (Three Lobed)
    38. The Invisible Hands – The InvisibleHands (Abduction)
    39. Danny Paul Grody – Between TwoWorlds (Three Lobed)
    40. Nathan Bowles & Scott Verrastro – Polar Satellites (MIE)

    41. Paul Metzger – Tombeaux (Nero’s Neptune)
    42. Mind Over Mirrors – When The RestAre Up At Four (Immune)
    43. Metabolismus – Spiraltendenz (Troglosound)
    44. Von Himmel – Weltraumrückführungsübereinkommen (Sloow)
    45. Innercity – A Lion’s Baptism (Further)
    46. Robedoor – Primal Sphere (Hands InThe Dark)
    47. Cian Nugent & The Cosmos – Born WithThe Caul (No Quarter)
    48. Plankton Wat – Drifter’s Temple (Thrill Jockey)
    49. Ashley Paul – Line The Clouds (REL)
    50. Cory Allen – The Great Order (Quiet Design)

    51. Pulse Emitter – Crater Lake (Immune)
    52. Bill Orcutt – A History Of Everybody (Editions Mego)
    53. William Tyler – Impossible Truth (Merge)
    54. Sean McCann – Music For Private Ensemble (Recital)
    55. Grouper – The Man Who Died In His Boat (Kranky)
    56. Gabriel Saloman – Soldier’s Requiem (Miasmah)
    57. James Blackshaw & Lubomyr Melnyk – The Watchers (Important)
    58. Steven R. Smith / Ulaan Khol - Ending/Returning (Immune)
    59. Slow Walkers – Slow Walkers (Peak Oil)
    60. Marisa Anderson – Mercury (Mississippi)

    61. Svarte Greiner – Black Tie (Miasmah)
    62. Wooden Shijps – Back To Land (Thrill Jockey)
    63. Urpf Lanze – Procession Of talkingMirrors (Audiomer)
    64. Embryo – Message From Era Ora (SoundOf Cobra)
    65. Master Musicians Of Bukkake – FarWest (Important)
    66. Jozef Van Wissem – Nihil Obstat (Important)
    67. Noveller – No Dreams (Important)
    68. Neil Michael Hagerty – The HildrethTapes (Golden Lab)
    69. Magik Markers – Surrender To TheFantasy (Drag City)
    70. In Zaire – White Sun Black Sun (Sound Of Cobra)

    … I haven’t got a copy yet, but it’s beautiful I bet: Steve Gunn & Mike Gangloff – Melodies For A Savage Fix (Important)

    Music in 2013: Tapes

    I’m not the one to ask about the vast (and increasing) amount of tapes (and tape labels) out there. Ask the Hering or the Bird People... I get and listen to tapes from time to time and I like ’em all and some of ’em I like a bit more... here’s a selection of a few very nice ones:

    1. Metabolismus – Brimborium (Sloow)
    2. Flamingo Creatures – Nacht Fressen (Cosmic Winnetou)
    3. Sheldon Siegel – Three Euro Breakfast (House Of Alchemy)
    4. Günter Schlienz – Organ Studies (Constellation Tatsu)
    5. La Monte Young – Second Dream Of The High-Tension... (Bootleg-Reissue, No Label)
    6. Schrein – Der Tod Der Blauen Banane (SicSic)
    7. Jon Collin – The Great Stink (Eiderdown)
    8. Datashock – Staus: Blöd, Modus: Dummheit (Meudiademorte)
    9. Limpe Fuchs & Flamingo Creatures – Der Wind, der Wind, der Winter kimmt (SPAM)
    10. Bird People – Terma (Jehu & Chinaman)

    11. Vampire Blues – Live at Les Voûtes, Paris, 24th November 2012 (Winebox Press)
    12. Chalaque – Sounds From The Other Ideology (Feathered Coyote)
    13. Umwurf – Umsonst (No Label)
    14. DSRLines – Venndiagram (Smeltkop)
    15. Ignatz / Sophie Cooper – Split (Tor Press)
    16. Raising Holy Sparks – Era Of Manifestations (Feathered Coyote)
    17. Sinergia Elettronica – Dimensione Parallela (Troglosound)
    18. C.Joynes & Son Ensemble –Portland Arse (Sloow)
    19. Space Habitat – Rising Interiors (SicSic)
    20. Baldruin – Und Das Ensemble Der Zittrigen Glieder (Fort Evil Fruit)

    Music in 2013: 7”/10”/12” and Lathe-Cuts

    Small ones, not buying many these days, I especially enjoyed:

    1. No-Neck Blues Band (RibeXiBalba)
    2. Rangda – Live In Krefeld (Unrock)
    3. V.A. – Datashock Family Box (Meudiademorte)
    4. Paul Metzger – Euro-Tour Lathe-Cut (No Label)
    5. Bitchin’ Bajas – Krausened (Permanent)
    6. Desert Heat – Cat Mask At Huggie Temple (MIE)
    7. Daniel Higgs – The Godward Way (Latitudes)
    8. Steve Gunn / Black Twig Pickers – Lonesome Valley (Thrill Jockey)
    9. V.A. – Hybrid Vinyl Series (Dekorder)
    10. The Invisible Hands – Insect Dilemma/ Disallowed (Abduction)

    Music in 2013: Live Gigs

    Sleaford Mods,again. The gig at Kraak Festival was stunning. Of course, I enjoyed ALL the shows we did with Phantom Limbo. That said, here’s the list:

    1. Sleaford Mods / Richard Dawson, Kraak Festival, Aalst
    2. Wolf Eyes / Schrein, Baustelle Kalk, Köln
    3. Chuck Johnson, Fragmente, Wiesbaden
    4. Mutter, Ick koof mir Dave Lombardo wenn ick reich bin, Berlin
    5. Datashock, Cairo, Würzburg
    6. González & Steenkiste, Walpodenakademie Mainz
    7. Tarfala Trio, Just Music Festival, Wiesbaden
    8. Shellac, Batschkapp, Frankfurt am Main
    9. Metabolismus feat. Jooklo Duo, Zoom, Frankfurt am Main
    10. FlorisVan Hoof, Walpodenakademie, Mainz

    Music in 2013: Reissues / Second Hand

    Finally Igot the John Fahey-Box released on4MenwithBeards „Transcendental Waterfall” and I was happy to see the first fivePopol Vuh records rereleased and the scores that Edward Artemiev did for „Stalker/TheMirror” and „Solaris”. I’m still keen on every new record that comes with Editions MEGO Re-GRM-Series and I enjoyed the Igor Wakhévitch reissues a lot. There was also a reissue of HarryPartch’s „Delusion Of The Fury” or Alexandervon Schlippenbach’s „The Living Music”,… or Henry Flynt’s „Graduation Day” or Robbie Basho’s „Vision Of The Country” or Ariel Kalma’s „Osmose” or Francois Bayle and not to forget that crazy Flamen Dialis record… I could go on forever about all that cool stuff from the archives, but it’s just too much. And I will not complain, I’m happy with all the old crap! And of course there have been a lot of second hand records, too… Joan La Barbara, Antony Braxton, Heldon, Musikalische Gruppenimprovisation, Olivier Messiaen, Günter Baby Sommer, Sun Ra,…and – finally! – a copy of Peter Michael Hamels „Buddhist Meditation East-West“ … it’s always hunting season.

    Thanks for the music and shared experience over the last year! See you in 2014!
  • 2012: records, records and even more records...

    3. Dez. 2012, 19:04

    Favourites 2012
    ... turned 37 this year, so I picked 37 records for 2012 which I really enjoyed and listened to a lot. Apart from the first three records (Pelt, Swans and Brothers Unconnected) the order is more or less random. And of course: a lot of great stuff is missing!

    Pelt – Effigy (MIE, 2LP)
    Swans – The Seer (Young God, 3LP)
    Brothers Unconnected – Unrock The House (Unrock, 2LP)
    Mirroring – Foreign Body (Kranky, LP)
    Gunn-Truscinski Duo – Ocean Parkway (Three Lobed, LP)
    Aaron Dilloway/Jason Lescalleet – Grapes & Snakes (PAN, LP)
    Josephine Foster – Blood Rushing (Fire, LP)
    Brötzmann/Edwards/Noble - ... The Worse The Better (Oto, LP)
    Chrome Cranks – Ain’t No Lies In Blood (Bang, LP)
    Black To Comm – Earth (De Stijl, LP)
    Annelise Monseré – Nest (Morc, 10“)
    Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille – I Wish I Didn’t Dream (Northern Spy, CD)
    Daniel Higgs – Beyond & Between (La Castanya, LP)
    Phantom Horse – s/t (Dekorder, LP)
    Sylvester Anfang II – Latitudes Series (Latitudes, LP)
    Stellar Jooklo Tribe – Freakedelic (Troglosound, LP)
    Sheldon Siegel – Grève Totale (Scheld’apen, LP)
    Orphan Fairytale – Comets Come Alive (Blackest Rainbow, LP)
    Bitchin Bajas – Vibraquatic (Kallistei, LP & DVD)
    Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier – An Age Of Wonder (La Station Radar, LP)
    Daniel Bachman – Seven Pines (Tompkins Square, LP)
    Duane Pitre – Feel Free (Important, LP)
    Al Doum & The Faryds – Positive Force (Black Sweat Records, LP)
    Bear Bones Lay Low – El Telonero (KRAAK, LP)
    Smegma – Ever And Anon (Ultramarine Records, LP)
    Caretaker – Patience After Sebald (History Always Favours The Winners, LP)
    John Butcher – Bell Trove Spools (Northern Spy, CD)
    Eternal Tapestry – Dawn In 2 Dimensions (Thrill Jockey, LP)
    Pretty Lightning – There Are Witches In The Woods (Fonal, LP)
    Concessionaires – Artifical Interface (Under The Spire, LP)
    Moon Duo – Circles (Sacred Bones, LP)
    Cheater Slicks – Reality Is A Grape(Columbus Discount, LP)
    Jozef van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch – The Mystery Of Heaven (Sacred Bones, LP)
    Gate – Damn Revolutions (Ultramarine, LP)
    Jon Porras – Black Mesa (Thrill Jockey, LP)
    Joe McPhee/Eli Keszler – Ithaca (8MM, LP)
    Filipe Felizardo – Guitar Soli For The Moa And The Frog (Shhpume, CD)

    Aine O’Dwyer – Music For Church Cleaners (Fort Evil Fruit)
    Kirschstein – Kirschstein (Brave Mysteries)
    Ira Cohen – The Bearded Iris (Sloow Tapes)
    Limpe Fuchs/Flamingo Creatures – Trampelpfad (SicSic)
    Günter Schlienz – Through Music To The Self (Gift Tapes)
    MV/EE –with The Golden Road – Godchaux Free Brattleboro (Blackest Rainbow)
    Jon Collin – Untitled (High Peak Vibrations Vol. II) (Winebox Press)
    Hellvete – 't Orgelorkest (Crooked Tapes)
    Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura – s/t (Feathered Coyote)
    Loud & Sad – False Intimacy (Cae-Sur-A)

    Eight Trails One Path (Three Lobed, LP)
    Black Mass Rising (Black Mass Rising, 3LP)
    Pulse Emitter, Date Palms, Expo 70, Faceplant – 4-way-split (Immune, 2LP)
    New Music For Old Instruments (Incunabulum, CD)
    Lunar Jams For Tom Carter (Feathered Coyote, Double-Tape)
    Eat the Dream: Gnawa Music From Essaouira (Sublime Frequencies, LP)
    Post-Industrial Freak Flag: A Winebox Press Compilation (Winebox Press, Tape)

    Reissues/Archival Recordings:
    Can – Lost Tapes (Spoon/Mute, 5LP)
    Don Cherry – Organic Music Society (Caprice, 2LP)
    Brötzmann/Bennink – Schwarzwaldfahrt (LP)
    Robbie Basho – Twilight Peaks (Smeraldina-Rima, 2012)
    Laurie Spiegel – The Expanding Universe (Unseen Worlds, LP)
    Henning Christiansen – Kreuzmusik (Kye, LP)
    Maggi Payne – Ahh-Ahh. Music for Ed Tannenbaum's Technological Feets, 1984-1987 (Root Strata, LP)
    Vibracathedral Orchestra – s/t (VHF, 2LP & DVD)
    Hallock Hill – The Union / A Hem Of Evening (MIE, 2LP)
    Shadow Ring – Remains Unchanged (Kye, 2LP)
    Grouper – Cover The Windows And The Walls (Root Strata, LP)
    Conrad Schnitzler – Rot (Bureau B, LP)
    David Lynch & Alan R. Splet – Eraserhead (Sacred Bones, 2LP & 7”)
    Kluster – Klusterstraße 69-72 (Vinyl On Demand, 8LP)
    Archaïa – Archaïa (Papaaver, LP)

    Sylvester Anfang II – John Changs Kosmische Handen (Great Pop Supplement)
    Virginia Genta – Tenor Sax (Troglosound)
    Koudede - Guitars From Agadez Vol. 5 (Sublime Frequencies)
    Whole Voyald Infinite Light 'Circumambulations Pts I & II' 7" (Winebox Press)
    Natural Snow Buildings - Monsters / Depths (Blackest Rainbow)

    2nd Hand:
    Michael Vetter – Informationen (Klett 1970, LP)
    Karl-Heinz Stockhausen – Hymnen (Deutsche Grammophon, 1968, 2LP)
    Florian Fricke – Die Erde und ich sind eins (Private Press, 1983 LP)
    John Fahey – Vol. 6/Days Have Gone By (Takoma, 1967, LP)
    Amon Düül – Disaster (BASF, 1972, 2LP)
    Pharoah Sanders – Deaf Dumb Blind/Summun Bukmun Umyun (Impulse, 1970, LP)
    Sunburned Hand Of The Man – Jaybird (Qbico, 2003, LP)
    John Coltrane – Live In Japan (Impulse, 1973, 2LP)
    Mark Fry – Dreaming With Alice (Akarma, ?, LP)
    Alvarius B – Baroque Primitiva (Poon Village, 2011, LP)
    Steve Reich - Drumming / Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ / Six Pianos (1974, 3LP)
    Noveller – Paint On The Shadows (No Fun, 2009, LP)

    07.02.2012, Grouper’s Circular Veil, Alte Feuerwache, Köln
    03.03.2012, Roscoe Mitchell , Kraak Festival, Aalst
    07.04.2012, La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela und The Just Alap Raga Ensemble, ZKM, Karlsruhe
    09.04.2012, Stare Case & Daniel Higgs, Filmwerkstatt, Düsseldorf
    05.05.2012, Sir Richard Bishop, Lola Montez, Frankfurt am Main
    25.05.2012, Josephine Foster, Unrock Instore Gig, Essen
    24.-29.07.2012, Flamingo Creatures & Limpe Fuchs, Driving down south with Ronnie & Ruth who performed three shows and recorded a session together with Limpe Fuchs. Most amazing trip this year!
    14.10.2012, Jooklo Duo & Baldruin, Walpodenakademie, Mainz
    18.11.2012, Agnes Beil, Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt
    ...and I hope that on 05.12.2012, Matana Roberts, Zitadelle, Mainz will be great!

    Thanks for the music.
  • 2012 – halfway through,... Highlights

    5. Jul. 2012, 14:20

    it’s just a list based on Tagesform... might be different tomorrow – but sums it up for me this year so far.

    Rock 'n Roll

    Dark (Ambient)

    Dark (Guitars)



    Minimal Music/Drone


    Electronics/Noise (heavy-weight)

    Electronics/Noise (light-weight)

    Reissues/Archival Recordings



    Limpe Fuchs – It’s up to you/Unterwegs (Male Bonding)
    Duane Pitre – Monolithic Youth (Sonic Meditations)
    Jon Collin – Untitled (High Peak Vibrations Vol. II) (Winebox Press)
    Voder Deth Squad – II (SicSic)
    Baldruin – Nachtfalter (Brave Mysteries)

    Second Hand

    ... tons of shit, too much to mention, but these 5 finds were the most thrilling ones:

    Michael Vetter
    Informationen. Eine avantgardistische Musikstunde für Kinder
    (Klett 1970)

    Karl-Heinz Stockhausen
    (Deutsche Grammophon, 1968)

    John Fahey
    Vol. 6/Days Have Gone By
    (Takoma, 1967)

    Amon Düül
    (BASF, 1972)

    Pharoah Sanders
    Deaf Dumb Blind/Summun Bukmun Umyun
    (Impulse, 1970)


    Grouper’s Circular Veil
    Alte Feuerwache, Köln

    Roscoe Mitchell
    Kraak Festival, Aalst

    La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela und The Just Alap Raga Ensemble
    ZKM, Karlsruhe

    Stare Case & Daniel Higgs
    Filmwerkstatt, Düsseldorf

    Sir Richard Bishop
    Lola Montez, Frankfurt am Main

    ... plus the gigs we did: www.phantomlimbo.de

    That's it, so far.
  • 2011 - well, it's over (soon)

    5. Dez. 2011, 12:04

    Sort of a summary, not complete - just a personal list, and of course there's been a lot of other pretty cool records,...







    Neo Cosmic Music


    More Guitar!


    Rural Enviroments


    Some essential reissues

    Exciting live performances
    in order from the beginning to the end of the year

    F.S.K. at Mousonturm, Frankfurt

    The Beautiful Band at Kraak Festival, Aalst

    Barn Owl at Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt

    THE BROTHERS UNCONNECTED at Südbahnhof, Krefeld

    Swans at Gebäude 9, Köln

    wooden ships at Südbahnhof, Krefeld

    Sylvester Anfang II and Charalambides at
    Netwerk, Hasselt

    Limpe Fuchs at
    Walpodenakademie, Mainz

    ... and so much more that is not mentioned.
  • 2011, some records...

    12. Jun. 2011, 12:19

    First half of 2011 is over. Time for a small summary. Of course there's much more and a lot of stuff worth mentioning, but nonetheless, here's a bunch of this year's releases that I enjoy:

    Record of the Year?


    some dark ambient/drones...

    some psychedelic jams,...

    some jazz freakouts...

    some experimental...

    ... disappointment: new Thurston Moore - not really bad, but nothing special at all

    ... looking forward to the new records from: Matt Valentine and Hertta Lussu Ässä


    F.S.K. at Mousonturm, Frankfurt

    The Beautiful Band at Kraak Festival, Aalst

    Barn Owl at Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt

    THE BROTHERS UNCONNECTED at Südbahnhof, Krefeld

    ... looking forward to see Warpaint again and the Swans for the first time ever!

  • Packs Of Three: 2010

    29. Nov. 2010, 1:02

    There’s so much different records, so much music, so much incompareable stuff... That’s why I decided not to do a Top20 (or whatever) to rank the records. Instead: 3 records categorized loosely to give an insight of what’s been important or interesting to me in 2010. Of course, there's been a lot more,....

    „If you don’t speak german, perhaps you don't get it (but it's worth checking it out)“

    Kristof Schreuf - „Bourgeoise With Guitar“
    If I had to choose one record as the record of the year it would bet his one. Kristof Schreuf is sort of a legend. His former groups Kolossale Jugend and Brüllen had a big impact on me. This year’s album is the first in many years collecting mostly coverversions of classic rock songs like „Highway To Hell“ or „Search And Destroy“ – all performed in a totally unique way. Music with brains and heart.

    Mutter – Trinken Singen Schießen
    They should be as famous as the Einstürzende Neubauten, but they aren’t – for a lot of reasons. Anyway, their latest record is excellent. An idiosyncratic take on Noise-Rock blended with various styles of music plus superb lyrics.

    Christiane Rösinger – Songs Of L. And Hate
    Christiane Rösinger is one of the most influential female musicians in Germany. Judging from the music one might come to think that there’s not much to discover, but she’s exceptional, believe me.

    „God knows...“

    Sabbath Assembly – Restored to one
    Jex Thoth going Grace Slick singing some weird gospel rock songs. Enlightening!

    Master Musicians of Bukkake – Totem Two
    Whatever godlike entity they worship, I’m down with it.

    Daniel Higgs – Say God
    Difficult one, nothing to listen everyday to. But sometimes it’s fucking amazing.


    Messenger Girls Trio – Excelsior Salon Trio“
    Acoustic Guitar Freakout. Mindfuck.

    Paul Metzger – The Uses Of infinity
    Another great one from Paul Metzger. Inspired improvisation on modified banjo.

    Jack Rose – Luck in The Valley
    Released after he passed away. It’s a major bummer that he’s no longer around.

    „Loved it before, but it didn’t get me this time“

    James Blackshaw – All Is Falling
    I’m a big fan of his work and really anticipated this one, but it didn’t touch me at all. It’s just okay, nothing more, nothing less.

    Pocahaunted - Make it real
    Drone Outfit, renewed in a funky n’ dubby ESG-Style. Not exactly my cup of tea.

    Sun Araw – On Patrol
    It’s not that I don’t like it, it's just that I loved „Heavy Deeds“ so much that I’m a bit indifferent about this double LP set.

    „It’s cold outside, but the music will keep us warm“

    Yellow Swans – Going Places
    Incredible „last one“ by Portland legend, amazing stuff.

    Evan Caminiti – West Winds
    Solo guitar wastelands, beautiful.

    common eider king eider – Worn
    Everything released by Root Strata this year was excellent. Just picked this one.

    „The Sunny Side Of The Moon“

    Vibracathedral Orchestra – Smoke Song
    Sounds like „Journey to Satchidananda“ revisited. Beautiful trip.

    Moon Unit – Hell Horse And Heady Stratus
    Best somewhat newish band to reach my ears this year. Great live band!

    Magic Lanterns – Platoon
    I love it. Tropical psychedelic jams.

    „Like Krautrock never happened“

    expo 70- Where Does Your Mind Go
    Beautiful cosmic sounds.

    Sylvester Anfang II – Commune Cassettes
    Sylvester Anfang II, Amon Düül II – where’s the difference? Who cares, just keep in mind: it takes II!

    Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here?
    The Manuel Göttsching/Popol Vuh Experience strikes again, BINGO!

    „Don’t care about the hype,...“

    Warpaint – The Fool.
    This is it. Listened to it endlessly, still do. Why not?

    Joanna Newsom – Have one on me
    The new Carole King/Joni Mitchell, whatever,.... She’s amazing.

    Best Coast – Crazy for you
    I don’t give a fuck about the cat. It’s just the best contemporary 60’s Girl Group Sounds you can get.

    „Reissued in 2010“

    Omega Massif – Geisterstadt
    For reasons I don’t really understand, I couldn’t help but listening to this record over and over this year. Some Earth, some Kyuss, some SunnO))) – we call it „Metal mit Abitur“ around here. Great record.

    O.S.T. – The Wickerman
    C’mon, it’s obvious: The movie’s great and songs like „Gently Johnny“ and „Willow’s Song“ are unforgettable once you listened to them.

    Loren Connors & Darin Gray – The Lost Mariner
    It’s Loren Connors. Period. (Also rereleased this year: „Hell’s Kitchen Park“)

    „2nd Hand“

    Popol Vuh – Affenstunde
    Mint condition first pressing, quite cheap from a-musik!

    Mauricio Kagel – Acustica
    Got a copy for birthday!

    Mutter – Komm
    Been looking for this one quite some time. Finally got it!

    Best concerts 2010:

    Again, I won’t refer to the ones we did ourselves. Apart from these, there was:
    2010/02/08, Real Estate, Yellowstage, Frankfurt am Main
    2010/03/06, Bill Orcutt, Peaking Lights & Yoshi Wada @ KRAAK Festival, Aalst
    2010/05/21, Joanna Newsom, Dreikönigskirche, Frankfurt am Main
    2010/23/09, Kristof Schreuf, Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main
    2010/10/07, Mutter, Gebäude 9, Köln
    2010/11/11, Warpaint, Brotfabrik, Frankfurt am Main
  • Datashock: „Pyramiden von Gießen“

    28. Okt. 2010, 13:58

    Brüder & Schwestern, es ist soweit! Der Gletscher kalbt! Datashock, die „Pyramiden von Gießen“. Endlich. Doppel-LP auf dem fabelhaften Dekorder Label. Was haben wir gewartet, gelacht, gesoffen und wieder gewartet - nun ist es endlich soweit.

    Und wenn unsere Lieblings-Lieblinge feat. Ronnie „best dressed Kraut-Jüngling in town“ Oliveras sich in aller der Öffentlichkeit derart hingeben - ja wegschenken! - da soll es auch jeder mitkriegen und eine Lobhudelei in fremder Zunge haben wir uns gleich dazu einfallen lassen.

    Brüder & Schwestern, seid' vorgewarnt, angeheizt und noch ein bisschen geduldig, bald ist es soweit!

    Unearthing the Pyramids

    When we set up a show in january 2009 for Datashock they had hardly ever played as what Pascal called their „Rock ‘n Roll Outfit“. Joined by Sebastian and Christian (adding a bluesy guitar and some solid drums to the free-folk) Datashock was about to reach a new level. And the night Datashock played the show in Mainz everyone involved took a glimpse at what’s waiting beyond the horizon. Expanded to a six piece the Saarlouis boys and girls took the stage and blew everybodies mind performing a tight but loose and totally improvised set of free-floating-psychedelic-rock synchronising perfect to a screening of Elias Merhige’s „Begotten“ projected to the wall behind them. The crowd in front remained exhausted, thrilled and blown away by the musical experience. It was a glorious night for Datashock and a great start for Phantom Limbo and only little of this immersive freakout remains until today to be seen on the internet. Beware to watch it, it’s just a corpse, a stillborn reproduction of an elusive Moment, gone but never forgotten…

    We became close friends with the band, Ronnie got engaged in Phantom Limbo, and ever since we continue setting up gigs, making friends and enjoying the sounds and vision of an international subunderground of musical richness and freedom. And whilst Pascal moved into his Elfenbeinturm and a lot of other projects kept the Datashock boys and girls active, the mothership rested. Datashock, the sleeping beauty, preserved in a glass-coffin. But then christmas came and Jan, a long-time companion and good friend of Datashock, called to gather the Saarlouis gang on the stage of the Oetinger Villa in Darmstadt to host a recording session that immediately was rumoured to have been both: relaxed and exciting for everyone involved…

    Again, not much happened, the magic of the moment was gone, once more. People kept asking about the post-production-process, shuffling their feet nervously and looking for recordings like U.F.O.’s to appear. A drunken night in Offenbach gave birth to the recording’s name (don’t ask, long and hilarious story!) and soon after a promotional video made everyone giggle. But the recordings were still in a rough shape and the release date got pushed back…
    During summer 2010 Ronnie and Jan began to unearth what was buried in dozens of digitalized files and from that moment on everybody was curious to catch an earful of what was about to be finished and refined in the Villa’s basement. Nearly two years had gone by since that night in Mainz and we were waiting for the magic to happen again, to witness the action around us transcend into pure bliss.

    A few weeks ago – after a long wait and endless requests – Ronnie handed me over what instantly – from the first note – brought back all the memories of that night in Mainz. „Pyramiden von Gießen“ dropped out of my speakers, just like honey, like pure sonic gold. Sebastian’s signifying bluesy guitar, Ruth’s defining violine, Martina’s singing, Christian’s solid drumming – and a lot of strange noises and beautiful sounds provided by Pascal, Ronnie, Ulf and Jan to evolve within a crystal clear mix. Datashock, the mothership reactivated, flying. The Free-Floating-Psychedelic-Jams we’ve all been waiting for so long.

    It’s been a long wait and some jokes made the round about a lazy band that’s building it’s own myth on maybe recording but no longer releasing a single note. We’ve been proven wrong! Here it is: „Pyramiden von Gießen“, unearthed, in all it’s glory. It’s not a Datashock recording it’s THE Datashock recording.

    Holger „Die Planung“ Adam

    Phantom Limbo

    Datashock are about to release the long awaited „Pyramiden von Gießen“ album on the famous and fabulous Dekorder label in february 2011.There's an official announcement from the band's headquarter, check it at Meudiademorte and start counting down days until the Pyramids will be unearthed! What can be read above is some notes we were asked to provide in support of the record release.
  • My Kraut, Your Kraut?

    31. Aug. 2010, 16:34

    The following list offers nothing new since Julian Cope presented his „Krautrocksampler“ in 1995. And since the Emeralds and legions of other neo-psychedelic outfits draw heavily on the Berlin School (Froese, Schulze etc,) it's kinda „hip“ to listen to „Kosmische Musik“ but anyway: If you haven't already, check out these:

    Tangerine Dream - Electronic Meditation

    Klaus Schulze - Cyborg

    Can - Tago Mago

    Günter Schickert - Samtvogel

    Popol Vuh - In den Gärten Pharaos

    Amon Düül - Paradieswärts Düül

    Peter Michael Hamel - Hamel

    Ash Ra Tempel - Ash Ra Tempel

    Anima Sound - Stürmischer Himmel

    Faust - The Faust Tapes

    This is a small personal selection, just a handy Top 10. Of course there's way more to get into, like Manuel Göttsching's solowork, Harmonia, Neu!, Kluster & Cluster, Between - whatever! Daniel?

  • Split-Tape: Baldruin/Neu Getre

    15. Aug. 2010, 17:39

    Homegrown Noises Part II: nach dem Hering & seine sieben Sachen/Baldruin Split-Tape, nun das nächste Release aus der hauseigenen Giftküche.

    Katalognummer SICSIC 002! Baldruins Lo-Fi-Nachtwanderungen Seite an Seite mit Neugetres scharfkantigem Noise.

    „Ins Tal“, Schattentanz“, „Funkelstein“ – nomen est omen: die eigenartigen Geräuschkulissen, die „der Schebler“ hier in liebevoller Kleinarbeit zusammengeklebt hat, erinnern nicht zuletzt an heidnische Rituale zu Sonnenwendfeiern und anderen unchristlichen Gelegenheiten. Verwunschene kleine Kompositionen, dunkel, verspielt und voller Seltsamkeit.

    Wir sind gespannt, was die phantastische Bibliothek des Exil-Franken in langen Unterhosen zukünftig preisgeben wird, „irchndwas“ Fabelhaftes bestimmt. Für den Augenblick genügen die 7 musikalischen Kobolde, die in der Tonspur der A-Seite des Split-Tapes lauern.

    Aus Baldruins Traumwelten reißt Neugetres Noise unvermittelt und kompromisslos heraus. Ein Malstrom aus Industrial/Noise zieht unbarmherzig in pechschwarz-kalte Tiefen.

    3 Tracks, geschult an Generationen von Krachschlägern von Throbbing Gristle bis hin zu den Yellow Swans. Deep Listening, Schmirgelpapier für die Ohren. Atemberaubend und nervenzerfetzend.

    Das Split-Tape ist in einer kleinen Auflage von 40 Exemplaren erhältlich. Wer mit Tapes nix anzufangen weiß oder die Katze nicht im Sack in den Briefkasten gesteckt bekommen möchte, der kann hier zuschlagen.

    Natürlich ist das Tape auch bei unseren Phantom Limbo Konzerten erhältlich. ‘n 5er...