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The Big Up is a three-day music, arts, and culture festival in Ghent, NY. The Big Up leverages premier musical entertainment to create an environment that showcases visionary arts and artists who emphasize innovation, collaboration, participatory education, and sustainable practices. Hosted at the legendary festival grounds of Sunnyview Farm in Ghent, NY, which is quickly emerging as the Northeast venue for exclusive small festivals and concerts, The Big Up presents a new paradigm for East Coast festival culture because of its unique synthesis of musical entertainment, interactive art and sustainable initiatives in an intimate natural setting. Sunnyview Farm’s 1500 acres of breathtaking views provide a one-of-a-kind venue for The Big Up with wooded camping, four unique performance stages, an onsite farmer’s market and local vending, large-scale multimedia installations, and workshops dedicated to hands-on sustainable skills and collaborative art. In years to come, these festival grounds (larger than Bonnaroo’s) have potential for explosive growth, but The Big Up is a carefully crafted event designed to begin the sustainable growth and branding of the festival and festival grounds alike. A detailed permaculture land-use plan has been initiated through Barrett Ecological in Portland, OR to assess site capacities, permanent infrastructure, and sustainable growth of Shireworks Productions’ events at Sunnyview Farm.


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