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Hank SnowI'm Moving On 28. Nov. 2011
Johnny TillotsonPoetry In Motion 28. Nov. 2011
Ruby MurrayHeartbeat 28. Nov. 2011
Dusty SpringfieldSummer Is Over 28. Nov. 2011
Connie SmithOnce a Day 28. Nov. 2011
Barry ManilowI Write the Songs 28. Nov. 2011
Gene PitneyOnly Love Can Break a Heart 28. Nov. 2011
Sonny JamesYoung Love 28. Nov. 2011
Craig DouglasOnly Sixteen 28. Nov. 2011
The Four TopsStill Water (Love) 30. Okt. 2011
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Über mich

Born in the Appalachian Mountains of parents of extremely high birth - especially my father.

Spent most of my life in the UK.

Visited both the USA and Russia at the height of the cold war in the 1960's - as well as North Vietnam with an escort in 1966.

I would like to return to the place of my birth but having refused to do what certain people in this country and the USA wanted in the 1960's all I can muster is a drive in my car to South Wales from South Devon (where I am now living and where I spent some happy times with my father before he died early in 1952).

Unmarried because of "Mummy-in-law" 's (Grace) and "Joanie" 's preference for an extremely rich Austrian. Hope you are happy, "Joanie" - don't get scorched (again)! Shouldn't talk like that, should I?

I have two sons - who I have never seen except when they were young. They have been and are still being brought-up by that rich Austrian who was much prefered by "Joanie" 's mother to yours truly - possibly because my mother was predominantly Russian (Marina died in 1968).

If I had inherited all the wealth and Estates which are rightfully mine (which I should have inherited but for British Justice) then no doubt it would have been a different kettle of fish.

Main interests are current affairs/politics, most sports, TV/films and MUSIC! Tomorrow is just another day!


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