• Burgerama III

    25. Mär. 2014, 7:41

    Sat 22 Mar – Burgerama III
    I lost my fucking Vans during the Growlers' set.
    You guys do know that the Growlers are a band to dance to, not to mosh to, right? On the bright side, when I almost fainted, I ran through the crowd, screamed at a bitch as I shoved them, ran into a bush, and scored a pair of brand new Stance socks.
    Moshing to Hunx was the best though.
    No nevermind, dancing with my best friend in the center of the mosh during Shannon was the highlight of my night. I had tickets for night two, but I never made it.
  • My First Show

    21. Jan. 2012, 18:53

    I still remember my first show like it was yesterday. My mum and I were wearing matching fur coats and the California breeze zwas cold enough to make my nose and cheeks a rosy pink. I remember walking right through the door and not having to wait in line like the rest of the people, and also remember the look of jealousy on their faces.

    Do you know that feeling when after you have been in the cold for so long, and when you go inside a warm place, the warmth stings your skin like it is melting? That is how I felt, I felt like I was melting. I remember every single adult towering over me like city buildings and walking up to my mum complimenting me and amazed at how young I was. Mum sat me on a little black couch next to a couple. I think a lot about this couple. There should me more people out there like them. They were speaking to me in sign language. When waiting for the show to start, this couple taught me a few things to say and I remember their hugs. They were genuine and seemed like the happiest people ever.

    The lights lowered and the stage lighting shone on this petite young woman. I remember her introducing the band as Mazzy Star. I was so happy and excited. It was that feeling every first timer gets when they go to their first concert. The feeling of happiness, butterflies, and excitement. I knew the music because I've heard mum sing them to me before bed. It was like hearing my lullabies on huge speakers that were twice my size. I was only four years old and I saw Hope Sandoval perform. Not many kids get to say that. They don't get to say that their first show was Hope Sandoval (
    Mazzy Star), let alone say that they were only four years old. This memory makes me happy and the feeling of knowing this memory like it's right here is an even luckier thing to have with me.

    Thank you mum for everything. Thank you for showing me the world of music. Not just any kind of music, good music. Thank you for taking me to shows when I was 4-9 years old. These memories would stay with me forever, and I will have the chance to share these times with my children. You shaped my music taste and that music made me who I am today. Thank you again mum. xxx
  • Random Thought

    18. Jan. 2012, 5:27

    All I want in life is to find a person I can make playlists with to call ours. Our infinite playlist. Yes...that sounds wonderful.
  • Untitled

    5. Aug. 2011, 7:20

    First off, Why did it take me so long to make a last fm? This website is so addicting and I have every player of mine synced with it. I've never met so many awesome people with OUTSTANDING music taste.

    I also must add, I really want to start a band. If you are from California and you want a band, please let me know.

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