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Shlohmo & JeremihNo More Gestern um 10:10
Thomas JackAtlas Hands Gestern um 10:01
Lucky Strikes BackIch & Du Gestern um 09:55
SurvivorEye of the Tiger 31. Jul., 21:07
Alfred ReedSymphony No. 4: III. Tarantella 31. Jul., 21:02
Derek and the DominosKey to the Highway 31. Jul., 20:56
Derek and the DominosWhy Does Love Got to Be So Sad 31. Jul., 20:40
Dark SalvationEifersucht 31. Jul., 20:33
Dark SalvationTränenmeer 31. Jul., 20:28
SpiritTaurus 31. Jul., 20:26
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  • Krysztalki

    So far, I'm not interested but as something to think how something as cool to do it.

    vor 3 Stunden Antworten
  • 40belowsummer

    Thank you, well done :)

    Gestern um 10:24 Antworten
  • swissbear

    Ok, many thanks :)

    30. Jul., 19:40 Antworten
  • Rhisdur

    I'm not a member of MKC for a long time now. Not so sad ;) Yes I'm well. Holiday is near and I'm going to Ireland this year. Are you well?

    29. Jul., 20:44 Antworten
  • Chorobliwy

    Thank you! I'm trying to improve my stats for this round. Though I don't think it will make a big difference. :)

    29. Jul., 20:43 Antworten
  • Rhisdur

    Would you like to tell me something?

    29. Jul., 20:13 Antworten
  • 40belowsummer

    Tomorrow I will announce the next KOC round but since the last round was a special round where many users got kicked because of rule 4, I won't start the KOC round before the 31st July, you get 48 hours although I believe you could do it much faster if you wanted, but with 48 hours you can do your matches way better and I hope you will take out some of them by surprise.

    29. Jul., 20:00 Antworten
  • 40belowsummer

    Okay then you are my next guest kicker :). I will let you know when it's your turn, and your turn will definitely be between 30th July and 6th August.

    27. Jul., 14:07 Antworten
  • 40belowsummer

    Ready for another KOC guest appearing? I know the new round is far away but I want to have someone as fast as I can get for the next round :)

    24. Jul., 21:43 Antworten
  • 40belowsummer

    Could you please give your opinion once again in the actual round? It seems to me, that NorseDave and thetrogg found a loophole within the rules. I have written my opinion in there, but your opinion is needed too, before I can progress. Thanks

    18. Jul., 11:24 Antworten
  • 40belowsummer

    Rounds 43.05 + 43.06 have opened up on here. Hope I did everything the right way :D and if you feel the need to explain this special round be my guest although I believe the people will know what's going on.

    17. Jul., 16:07 Antworten
  • 40belowsummer

    When rounds five and six start I will shout you again, so you can watch if I should do something wrong, but hopefully I won't.

    14. Jul., 23:10 Antworten
  • Chorobliwy

    Nice suggestions. COngrats.

    8. Jul., 10:32 Antworten
  • novira

    My perfect day is obviously a free day. I wake up to the sun sprinkles through my net curtains, stretching my body and let the sun warm me. Strolling then down the stairs and put on the coffee. Take a cup of coffee and go out in the garden imbibe the coffee and the scents of flowers and grass while birds chirping sweet tones that make me smile. Then into the kitchen and fixes a delicious breakfast addict consist of yogurt, juice, sandwich and hard-boiled eggs. Now I want to swim. Packing a basket with coffee and bikes down to the beach to met up some friends and then we sunbathing and swimming all day. When the evening comes it will be time for barbecue and beer in my garden with my lovely friends until dusk falls on. Sun, swimming, good food, friends to laugh with it's some of life's golden edges.

    2. Jul., 17:48 Antworten
  • Jd_Jd_Jd

    2 more submissions for LSC Alpha are to be expected next week.

    2. Jul., 16:15 Antworten
  • Jd_Jd_Jd

    Hi. About FC-group: The game time-outs can be annoying, but we've had them before. Let's see if Miguele can reply within 48 hours after your message to him. Maybe it's a good thing to post suggestions for the next season (maybe concerning time-outs) in a separate thread so everbody can give his/her opinion. I'm doing the leader board on a voluntary basis just to avoid time-out because of nobody doing the updates; I'm not the game's administrator or something like that.

    2. Jul., 16:15 Antworten
  • 40belowsummer

    Maybe something a bit longer than the usual season length, and a bit different to the usual champion rounds, this should be something special, but managable for the leader or the champions. Ah yeah and I would like it if the number 6 would play a role in this season, because it's the 6th anniversary :)

    2. Jul., 12:48 Antworten
  • 40belowsummer

    Well do you have a nice idea for the 6th anniversary of OMG? Or do I need to come up with some crazy idea? :D

    1. Jul., 20:35 Antworten
  • litex_fen

    Thanks, you have a nice charts too! Greetings from Bulgaria! : )

    30. Jun., 18:25 Antworten
  • racheln92

    thank you for the welcome! I appreciate it!

    20. Jun., 19:48 Antworten
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