The saddest/most beautiful songs I have.


11. Mai. 2007, 6:57

Just because I'm bored.. and I can.
These are in alphabetic order by artist, they aren't ranked by any means.

I've loved this song since I heard it back in the 90's. There's something incredibly haunting about Alanis' voice in this song. Although the acoustic version is a lot a better then the City of Angels version.

This song got recommended to me by a friend who has impeccable taste in music (thank you Georgia.) It's sad for reasons I don't need to explain. Listening to the song explains why instantaneously.

Widow of a Living Man
Thanks to Mike for introducing me to this unbelievable track. The lyrics to Widow Of A Living Man make up half the reason it's so great. The other half being the technique in which Ben Harper sings this song. It's as though his voice is on the verge of breaking (in a 'into hysterical sobbing' sort of way as apposed to a pubescent way...just to clear that up)

Jah Work
Another amazing song by Ben Harper, although it comes in 2nd place to the song above in regards to beautiful Ben Harper songs.

Breathe (2AM)
One of those mainstream songs thats only beautiful until its mauled to death by radio-seeping junkies.

The First Day of My Life
Not really sad I guess. But deserves a mention. Conner Oberst has a lovely voice.

Good Woman
I love the child-like echo to Chan Marshall's voice.

Close Yet Far
Ok so my taste in music is a little eclectic, I'll admit. cky not being top in my list of favourite artists. But I like this song, even if I don't know why I like it.

The Blowers Daughter
9 Crimes
I think the majority of Damien Rice's songs are pretty fantastic. The 'O' album would be a definite buy for em if I weren't such a jobless bum.

I love this song. The girls voice in the middle of this song is gets to me. "Everytime I talk to you, you're down.."

In a way remind me of Damien Rice, or maybe the other way around. This song haunts me in my sleep. It will make you cry if you're depressed/an emo.

Gabrielle and the Vagabond
I think I heard this song on the TV (being the tele-whore that I am.) The music behind it isn't so much sad as the lyrics. I think it has something to do with Jesus, and yet I don't mind. Which means it must be good.

Hide And Seek
I don't know the technical term, but the 'synthesizer' type technique used makes the song. Definitely rates high up there in my favourites category (if I had a favourites category that is.)

Duh. I shouldn't need to explain this one.

I'll admit it. Seeing House stumble around with his bad leg swayed me. It just so happens they were playing this song at the time. Like I said, I'm a tele-whore.

Grey's Anatomy maybe? Probably. This song is very easy listening.

This is another Grey's Anatomy song. I'll admit to my addiction to that show. Loud and proud.

Lightning Crashes
I'm not too sure on this one. It's not my style of music at all or in any sense. But... I don't know actually!! Why is it so good??

Theme from Love Story
I'm such a loser. But you can't beat a good piano riff. (is it a riff if its on piano?)

How can anyone resist Muse. Their cover of Radiohead's 'Creep' is fantastic. I don't even care if it sounds very similar to Radiohead's version. And the guitaring (this probably isn't a real word) is spectacular in 'Unintended'

Beloved Wife
I love covers, even if they don't really make that much sense. eg. Natalie Merchant singing about her dead wife. But this songs still beautiful even if it is a little absurd.

I first heard this on Bones season 1 when other girl (I don't remember her characters name, I'm not a great Bones fan) was in the desert and she knew her boyfriend was dead.

Until The Sun Turns Black
This song was on E.R, and yet another example of a song I've been brainwashed into liking by the TV. It goes along the lines of 'Gravity' and 'Winter' in the fact it actually doesn't have much to it. No change in pitch, no key changes, etc etc. But it's very lovable.

This song is sad for different reasons. Its about abuse and that's kinda why its sad. I don't really like RJA usually, but the lyrics to this song get to me.

I love everything Regina has ever sung. She's absolutely fantastic. I'd marry her if we were both lesbians and on the L word. These two songs are breathtaking, especially 'Samson.'

Does He Love You
Uhh... this isn't sad. At all. But it's stuck here. I'm sorry bout that.

Breathe Me
Sia has a stunning voice in this song. So woeful, so tortured, so fragile. I'm glad to own this song. Yes.

The Misery
I love Sonata. Like with a passion. So it had to be included in this list.

Bring On the Wonder
This song came of a TV show also but I can't remember what show it was.

If this makes you download any of these songs, or if you agree/disagree/have songs to add, then comment me.


  • join_the_dots

    Some of my favourite songs e.g. Hide and Seek, Rain, Breathe Me, Close Yet Far, 9 Crimes etc. Downloaded some of the ones I don't know and they're sounding good :) Thanks for sharing this list

    25. Mai. 2007, 3:17
  • ouchouch


    29. Mai. 2007, 7:27
  • luplik

    some really awesome song here... great list...

    30. Mai. 2007, 0:38
  • sarathine

    Was on Bones a few times. :) And is amazing! Does He Love You? is kinda sad. I love it, anyway.

    6. Jun. 2007, 1:57
  • The-flesh-star

    Thanks for the comments y'all. Man I'm so ghetto. I think I need to comprise a new list, now that my lastfm doesn't work (grrrrrr) It'll be called: SONGS YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD JUST COZ'. Keep an eye out for it :D

    12. Jun. 2007, 13:50
  • maestrosync

    Their cover of Radiohead's 'Creep' is fantastic. I don't even care if it sounds very similar to Radiohead's version. I'm sure that's because it is Radiohead's version. Muse have never covered it.

    24. Jun. 2007, 14:03
  • PedroGhandi

    u should create a radio with this songs :)

    2. Aug. 2007, 23:35
  • Mizman

    yeah i muse haven't covered creep, it's just been circulated as muse's but it's actually radiohead's acoustic version :P but this list is amazing, most of the songs were the songs I had already tagged as "sad" - 9 Crimes, November, The Blower's Daughter, they're incredibly sad

    10. Jun. 2008, 3:57
  • ajmwolfe1

    Natalie Merchant's "Beloved Wife" is not a cover; it is her original material. She wrote it for her grandfather after her grandmother passed away.

    27. Jan. 2010, 10:06
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