I Titoli Più Belli degli Anal Cunt :lol


10. Dez. 2007, 18:51

-I Noticed That You're Gay
-Dead, Gay And Dropped
-You Look Divorced
-I Hope You Get Deported
-Everyone In Anal Cunt Is Dumb
-I Just Saw The Gayest Guy On Earth
-Everyone In The Underground Music Scene Is Stupid
-Recycling Is Gay
-Your Best Friend Is You
-Ha, Ha Your Wife Left You
-You (Fill In The Blank)
-I Sent Concentration Camp Footage To Americas Funniest Home Videos
-I Sent A Thankyou Card To The Guy That Raped You
-Woman, Nature's Punching Bag
-Hitler Was A Sensitive Man
-I Gave NAMBLA Pictures Of You Kid
-Being Ignorant Is Awesome
-I Sold Your Dog To A Chinese Restaurant
-All Our Fans Are Gay
-Limp Bizkit Think They're Black, But They're Just Gay
-The Word Homophobic Is Gay
-You Converted To Judaism So A Guy Would Touch Your Dick
-Anyone Who Likes The Dillinger Escape Plan Is A Faggot
-Ha Ha Holocaust

C'è altro da aggiungere? Seth Putnam is god


  • Sharphead

    Gli AxCx ne sapevano parecchio.

    18. Apr. 2008, 19:52
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