EmarosaArmageddon Lieblingslied 245
EmarosaCasablanca Lieblingslied 200
EmarosaI Am Waves Lieblingslied 192
Woe, Is Me[&] Delinquents Lieblingslied 184
In Fear and FaithThe Taste of Regret Lieblingslied 166
Dance Gavin DanceJesus H. Macy Lieblingslied 164
Woe, Is MeIf Not, for Ourselves Lieblingslied 155
I See StarsI Am Jack's Smirking Revenge Lieblingslied 144
Dance Gavin DanceSwan Soup Lieblingslied 142
Funeral for a FriendRed Is The New Black Lieblingslied 136
Oceans Ate AlaskaTo Catch a Flame Lieblingslied 135
BroadwayLast Saturday Lieblingslied 133
UnderoathA Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White Lieblingslied 130
Dance Gavin DanceSpooks Lieblingslied 128
Dance Gavin DanceDeath of the Robot with Human Hair Lieblingslied 121
Dance Gavin DanceAnd I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman Lieblingslied 116
Of MachinesBecoming Closer To Closure Lieblingslied 116
Dance Gavin DancePurple Reign Lieblingslied 115
Dance Gavin DanceTree Village Lieblingslied 114
Funeral for a FriendEscape Artists Never Die Lieblingslied 110
Funeral for a FriendHistory Lieblingslied 110
Funeral for a FriendRoses for the Dead Lieblingslied 108
Funeral for a FriendMedicated Lieblingslied 108
Dance Gavin DanceThe Robot with Human Hair, Pt.4 Lieblingslied 104
Funeral for a FriendStreetcar Lieblingslied 102
Dance Gavin DanceNASA Lieblingslied 101
BroadwayDon't Jump The Shark Before You Save The Whale (Ft. Johnny Craig of Emarosa) Lieblingslied 101
Dance Gavin DanceHappiness Lieblingslied 100
Of Mice & MenSecond & Sebring Lieblingslied 98
Attack Attack!Healthy Normal Lieblingslied 97
HammockYou Lost the Starlight in Your Eyes Lieblingslied 95
Forever the Sickest KidsShe's A Lady Lieblingslied 94
Dance Gavin DanceThe Robot with Human Hair Pt. 3 Lieblingslied 94
Dance Gavin DanceThe Robot With Human Hair pt. 4 Lieblingslied 94
Oceans Ate AlaskaBlue Lungs Lieblingslied 94
UnderoathWriting On The Walls Lieblingslied 93
Oh, ManhattanIan Curtis Lieblingslied 88
Funeral for a FriendAll The Rage (Live) Lieblingslied 86
AgracefulThe Great I Am Lieblingslied 83
Of MachinesThings Too Visible To See Lieblingslied 82
DJ Kolya & MutayaHow To Love (feat. Peyton) (Eric Kupper Mix) Lieblingslied 82
Dance Gavin DanceStrawberry Swisher, Pt. 3 Lieblingslied 82
Of Mice & MenJohn Deux Trois Lieblingslied 81
Dance Gavin DanceStrawberry Swisher Pt. 2 Lieblingslied 80
Killswitch EngageMy Curse Lieblingslied 78
IntohimoMirror, Mirror Lieblingslied 78
BroadwayYou Bring The Thunder, I'll Bring The Lightning Lieblingslied 77
Of Mice & MenYDG Lieblingslied 73
Funeral for a FriendYour Revolution Is A Joke Lieblingslied 71
BroadwaySame Thing We Do Everyday Pinky (Ft. Craig Owens of Chiodos) Lieblingslied 71