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3. Jan. 2008, 15:39

I'll fill in more information about this later. Suffice to say that it's the log of a new years resolution to listen to at least one new song/album/artist every day for the whole year of 2008. There are 366 days this year so I guess I get to have a day off some time. :P

January 1:
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Rust Never Sleeps
Only heard the "Greatest Hits" before, and I've had that CD for a while. It was always one of my favorites but it just clicked one day how immensely wonderful each of the songs on that is so I decided to further explore the creations of this particular man. Great album. Love the opener and closer esspecially, and of course "Powderfinger".

January 2:
Heart - The Essential Heart
Up until now the only song I'd heard from them was "Crazy On You" (no, not from guitar hero) and I still think that's their best song by a huge amount but yeah, this is a good band. Great singer when she actually uses it. Great guitar work.

January 3:
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Deja Vu
I actually don't really like this album so much yet, I'll give it time to grow. It's all a bit "look, we're a supergroup" to me and I'm not seeing the great song writing that there should be.

Neil Young - After the Gold Rush
GREAT album. Absolute classic. Wonderful. A couple of my favorite songs are on this one. Must have Neil Young album. Perhaps his definitive album if such a thing were to exist.

David Bowie - Hunky Dory
This album seems to me to be more like a collection of songs than an album, I'm not getting any more out of this than listening to the hits off it... I'll give it another go later.

Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction
Nowhere near as good as Rust in Peace but it's still a very good album. Has some nice hooks in there and seems to be much more commercial than RiP, with less crazy guitaring. I'd consider this equivalent to Metallica's "Black Album" where Rust in Peace is their "Master of Puppets". I must try more from this band. I'm really getting used to Mustaine's sort of nasal whine that I just couldn't appreciate before.

January 4:
Steven Wilson - Cover Version I-IV
A very good collection of songs. Everything this guy touches seems to turn to gold. One of my favorite voices. Porcupine Tree/Blackfield fans will approve. :)

Neil Young - Harvest
Another perfect Neil Young album. Excellent all the way through. Love it to bits. My copy seems to be a bit faulty though, and cuts out near the end in the middle of a guitar solo. :/

January 5:

Neil Young - On The Beach
I think this is the first Neil Young album I've heard that didn't have anything on the "Greatest Hits" single disc but that doesn't hold it back in the slightest. It's yet another absolutely beautiful and heartfelt recording from the living legend himself. Loving a lot of the songs off this and it's one of my favorite albums by him definitely.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
Ah, the first Neil and Crazy Horse album. Cinnamon Girl, Down by the River, Cowgirl in the Sand? It's no wonder everybody knows this is a great album! Mammoth album. One of the best.

Megadeth - Back To the Start: Greatest Hits
I like basically all the songs on here and it makes me want to check out all their albums. This band is really, really great. Much better than the "Metallica throwaway" opinion many would have.

Flight of the Conchords - Distant Future
Sure, everybody has seen a few of the "top" songs on youtube from this New Zealand comedy duo but can they match the sharp wit and humour on a recording without the aid of the visual humour and hilarious face expressions? The Answer, yes.

Flight of the Conchords - Folk: The World Tour
More great stuff. Heard some new ones here too. Very funny stuff. They are very consistent in their quality.

January 6:

Was pretty pathetic today really. I think I listened to a few new songs. One which I remember is Psycho motel - No Loss to Me. Not the greatest song in the world. Just a half-decent rock song. They have many superior songs. Listened to a new Neil Young track or two though but no new albums.

January 7:

Blue Oyster Cult - The Singles Collection
Nothing amazing on here either. Just some rock n' roll. Problem is the one song I really do like from them isn't on here. Veterans of the Psychic Wars or something. Anyway, it's alright. I'd recommend getting "Workshop of the Telescopes" though instead. Much more complete collection.

January 8:

Testament - The Legacy
This is a very good solid Thrash Metal album. It isn't Rust in Peace or Master of Puppets but it is very good, equal to maybe... Kill Em All, by Metallica. I might check out more from these guys at some point.

January 9:

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I
Yeah I've had the "Remasters" 2cd compilation for a while as well as "IV" and "Houses of the Holy" for a bit too, so now I'm progressing chronologically through the rest of their discography. Led Zep I is a good album. A lot of the lesser known songs on there (meaning the ones that aren't on compilations and such) are very bluesy. I knew they had their roots in Blues but it did take me a little by surprise just how bluesy these songs were. Anyway, very solid and enjoyable album.

Megadeth - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
Another 'Deth album. This time back to their Thrash Metal roots era. Had a couple of listens to this by this stage. This is a pretty solid album, I didn't dislike any tracks but none of them really called attention to themselves either. Those looking for a good thrash album will be pleased, but it's still no Rust in Peace and won't have the catchiness of Countdown to Extinction.

January 10:

Queens of the Stone Age - Songs For the Deaf
I've had this one for ages actually. I just never felt the need to try it out. Well I have now and it's not bad, but it's not special either. A lot of distortion and falsetto just like in Muse, decently written songs, good for psyching yourself up for something. Kyuss are better. ;) :P

January 11:

Ayreon - Ayreonauts Only
The first thing you need to know about Ayreon and the mastermind behind it are that his lyrics suck. And by suck I mean suck hard. Let's face it, they're god awful and embarrassing. Now, moving on, this album is musically decent. Those looking for some more proggy power type metal overblown to epic proportions will find yourself right at home with this. It isn't as good as The Human Equation, that goes for both disks of both albums. It's not that great. But it's worth a try for fans of the genre. Get The Human Equation first, it's musically far superior, I'd go as far as saying very good, and the lyrics don't suck quite as hard.

January 12:

Spock's Beard - The Kindness of Strangers
Now this is a cool album! These guys are very much like Marillion why I got into just recently. Perhaps a bit more proggy than them though, and their singer isn't as good as either of Marillion's. This is full of melodic hooks and is just a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Recommended to everyone, both on the Pop/Rock and Prog fronts. Lovely recording.

Van Der Graaf Generator - An Introduction
I am not in a position to judge this at the moment. I'm thinking this might actually be too proggy for me, and I like prog. I definitely need at least a few more listens to this before I can have a proper opinion on it. Though I will say that it was really dragging on a lot and by the end of the record the singer's voice was like nails on a chalkboard. I think that the material is much better than the performance and that if say... Pink Floyd had written it, it would be much more enjoyable. The first few tracks cast my mind to King Crimson circa "In the Court of the Crimson King" but not as good, IMO.

January 13:

Sigur Rós - Takk...
Much hype has there been about this. It was an enjoyable listen, no doubt about it but they aren't nearly as super unique and special and all round wonderfully mind blowing as people would have you believe. It does conjure up a nice atmosphere and have some very pleasant melodies, however.

January 14:
Nine Inch Nails - Best of 1989-2005 (Part 1)
Yah I downloaded what is probably an unofficial fan made best of containing 32 NiN songs. This is the first 10 or so. I've been meaning to check these guys out for a while but only just got round to it. Buzzsaw type riffs and great vocals IMO. Excellent lyrics. Good Songs. I like it a lot.

January 15:
Nine Inch Nails - Best of 1989-2005 (Parts 2,3)
So this time I listened to the whole thing in one go, all 32 tracks. Yeah, NiN seem to be consistently good, not just a crappy hits band. I'm really impressed and when I an afford it I'll buy their albums.

January 16:
Neil Young - Tonight's the Night
Now this album is different... written and performed by a drunk and grieving Young over the loss of 2 friends (a fact I wasn't fully aware of when I listened do it) this album is extremely unpolished. The vocals are all over the place, out of tune, the whole thing is just very ragged. I'll need more time for it to grow on me before I can appreciate it fully but I like the song Mellow My Mind. The album just wasn't what I was expecting.

January 17:
Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight
See my other journal for my thoughts on it. It demanded a proper review. http://www.last.fm/user/Tenozuma/journal/2008/01/16/624036/

It didn't get one but it got my fevered rantings on the album.

January 18:
Neil Young - Comes a Time
This is another solid Neil Young album. Very solid. It's a more quiet one but there is nothing wrong with that. By all means still classic but not a first choice. :)

January 19:
Linkin Park - Underground V.07
Now you might say it was glutton for punishment that compelled me to again of my own free will listen to even more Linkin Park after the disaster that was Minutes to Midnight and you might be right but truthfully I haven't entirely given up on them yet. This is a live recording of 10 songs, about half from the new album, half from the other 2. It's pretty good really, I mean, the Minutes to Midnight tracks aren't nearly as bad in live format and even the old ones have new life pushed into the from the added energy etc. Interesting the rapping is still kept to a minimum, but maybe that's just co-incidence that the most popular songs don't contain rap. So yeah. This is decent. Not good by any means, but it's listenable.

The Butterfly Effect - Begins Here
Now THIS is a good album! Rivaling the likes of Karnivool with this rather interesting recording. It made me come back for multiple times over the coarse of the morning and the next few days. I particularly like the song Without Wings. Very good.

Shadow Gallery - Prime Cuts
This is a compilation and my first real exposure to Shadow Gallery other than a couple of odd songs heard here and there. It shows a reasonable amount of potential and I'll probably check out a full album to see if they are consistently at this level or if this really is "prime cuts". Apparently they've never played a live show in their career, I'm not entirely surprised since I can't imagine the singer having the pipes to keep it up that long. It sounds basically like generic prog metal in the vein of Dream Theater though never really reaching the level of DT in terms of song writing or technical prowess.

Dead Letter Circus - Dead Letter Circus (EP)
This is pretty good. I haven't heard it enough to make a final judgement though. There is certainly nothing brilliant on there.

Freak Kitchen - Spanking Hour
After all the hype I'd heard about this band and the guy being another one of those "crazy guitarists" in the vein of Bumblefoot or Buckethead this was really quite dissapointing... I mean, sure it has a bit of shredding in it, but it's really just a standard american modern rock type album, and isn't anything special musically. I don't care how good a guitarist you are if it isn't good music. It is alright, and it's better than a heck of a lot of stuff out there but don't believe that it's going to be 'the next amazing thing'. It's far, far above radio type mainstream rock still, don't get me wrong.

Bumblefoot - Normal
Now this on the other hand IS everything it was hyped to be, and much, much more! This album is amazing! Sure, it's power pop, no secret there, but it's AMAZING power pop. It's simply the best thing ever to happen to the genre, period. It's one of those undiscovered little treasures that could have been HUGE if it had the right promotion. It has intelligent, witty and sometimes satirical lyrics, compelling melodies, it's catchy, it's skillful. It's just an all round very, very good album. I love it completely.

January 20:

Fair To Midland - Fables From a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times is True
This is a pretty good album yeah. Vocals aren't too great, it's not realy unique, it's like a lot of other prog rock out there. Sorta like The Butterfly Effect. It's a worthy addition to anyone's collection esspecially a modern prog music lover, but it's not a modern classic either. Good album, no more.

January 21:

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Romantic Legends (3CD) Disk 1, 2
I'm no expert on classical music but I enjoyed this. I don't have all that much to compare it to.

January 22:

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Zuma
This needed a couple of listens for it to really sink in just how good it was. At first it's just another classic Neil album but it's really amazing. It's up there with After the Gold Rush and Harvest and such. GREAT album.


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