My Musical Week'ness (Nov 27, 2007)


28. Nov. 2007, 5:25

The biographical part
Christmas is becoming a minor disruption in my life. There's also this thing called the end of the fiscal year that's been nagging me as well. With the way things are working out I'm celebrating my daughter's 4th birthday on December 8th, and flying home on the 20th. So that pretty much means the bulk of my Christmas shopping has to be done by the end of this weekend coming (actually most of it's done). Yesterday I did the eye doc and new glasses thing. Then we all left work early because of a snow storm and I ended up putting in 6 hours at home (apparently software is interesting). To top it off I've only bought 3 CDs in the last 2 weeks including: Steam, Squawk, and Unearthed. I've also switched to the Canadian dictionary on Firefox so please don't might the extra u's, eh.

The Musical Part

1Gridlock441 -- Gridlock --> 44

I keep saying that Formless is one of my favourite albums. There aren't too many albums in my collection that get that sort of anointment. I kinda wish there was still more stuff coming out as Gridlock. Bit Crush and Dryft are both good, but sometimes I'd love to have another 45 minutes to tack on to the day lock Gridlock loop.

2Einsturzende Neubauten312 -- Einsturzende Neubauten --> 31

Finally got around to listening to the Jewels. I've listened to a few of the tracks on and off as they were released but I as kind of holding off till I had the whole thing. I love Alles Wieder Offen but I just haven't had the enthusiasm for the band lately. I've amassed just about every release of there's over the last 5 years, I think I'm a bit burned out. :)

3Eyvind Kang243 -- Eyvind Kang --> 24

4My Bloody Valentine214 -- My Bloody Valentine --> 21
More Loveless, inspired by the Japancakes album. In fact I'm sorta surpised that Japancakes isn't in my top 10 this week. It's been my relaxation album for the last 2 weeks. Especially when I can't play the original at a healthy volume.

4Fred Anderson & Hamid Drake214 -- Fred Anderson & Hamid Drake --> 21
After listening to a lot of Dolphy and Byrd these guys have been a nice change of pace. I love Drake's drumming and I regret the fact that I missed seeing him a couple years ago (with ticket in hand). After hearing guys like Hamid Drake, and Han Bennink I'm often left asking Neil who? I do find it hard to hide my disdain for hard rock rhythm sections, progressive, or not.

6Dr. Doom186 -- Dr. Doom --> 18
Apparently he's entertaining enough that I'll continue washing dishes when his album shows up on my play list. If this is as hip-hop as I get, I'm not getting very hip-hop.

7Holy Fuck147 -- Holy Fuck --> 14

I don't think these guys were really expecting to become some phenomenon when they picked a name. I've seen lots of people sample from toys and modified electronics so that doesn't really thrill me. I've seen lots and lots of people doing it. These guys do have a hard core electronic groove that does thrill me.

8Han Bennink and Dave Douglas138 -- Han Bennink and Dave Douglas --> 13

9Kavinsky129 -- Kavinsky --> 12
Some good electro.

10DJ Logic1110 -- DJ Logic --> 11
DJ Logic mixes turn tables with a live jazz band. Most of his stuff is outrageously funky.


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