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I beleive in and love Jesus Christ as my Savior with all of my existance!


I havent been scrobbling for months, maybe even a year or more
but I am gonna try scrobbling again
though it is quite inaccurate in the longrun, i mean i listen to alot of music i dont own via youtube and shit, and i listen to my record player alot, as well as my cd player and i listen to music in the car and at my friends houses, and everywehere really
sometimes if i listen to a cd somewhere where it wont scrobble, ill play it on my itunes when im not around so itll scrobble, to try to add to the accuracy of my musical scrobbles, but that doesnt always happen, or work even
so bam, son!

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The Dead Milkmen - If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire
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Operation Ivy - One of These Days
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The Suicide Machines - Break The Glass
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The Lawrence Arms - The Devil's Takin' Names
20000th track: (27 Jan 2009)
Slapstick - She Doesn't Love Me
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