Over 20,000 tracks!!!


17. Okt. 2008, 15:06

Holy crap! Finally over 20,000 plays. I got this account about 2 1/2 years ago and have been steadily climbing up the play count :). These are my 10 most-played bands, and why they are up there.

1. Opeth (554 plays)- In my opinion the greatest band of all time. Watershed wasn't their best release, but it's hard to top Blackwater Park.
2. Porcupine Tree (548 plays) - Not very far behind Opeth, and with good reason. Steven Wilson is perhaps one of the best and most creative songwriters of all time. They have changed direction a number of times, but every album gets me in a different way. In Absentia is their best.
3. Katatonia (524 plays) - This is another band that has changed rather drastically since their inception, but every album leaves you with a very dark atmosphere. The best from them is a toss up between the classicBrave Murder Day and the doom metal/alternative metal release,The Great Cold Distance. I have to give the edge to TGCD with it's beautiful contrast between the beautiful melodic and the crushing heaviness.
4. Between the Buried and Me (516 plays) - Their 2007 release, Colors, was not only my Album of the Year, but also is among the greatest albums I have ever heard. I will be picking up Colors_Live in the near future, and I can't wait to watch it. at it's finest.
5. Tool (430 plays) - Tool is the band that got me into metal and pulled me into the progressive scene some 6 years ago. Lateralus is their quintessential album and a modern prog classic.
6. Dream Theater (364 plays) - Incredible musicians and incredible . I have seen them live twice and they blew me away with perfect performances each time. Get out of your Glass Prison and pick up Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence ;).
7. Oceansize (360 plays) - These British prog rockers have a song for every moment in live, and I love it. Music For A Nurse is quite possibly the most beautiful song I have ever heard. Get all of their 3 albums, they're all worth the money.
8. SikTh (353 plays) - It's a damn shame these guys broke up. Both of their albums were great and just fun. Death of a Dead Day is my favorite of theirs, and also their last :'(. Nevertheless great stuff.
9. Minus the Bear (349 plays). To think I only started listening to them in June; I have been missing out. Completely incredible with progressive elements. Technical guitar playing and excellent time signatures make these guys stand out. Get Planet of Ice if you enjoy music.
10. Daylight Dies (336 plays) - One of my favorite bands. All 3 full-length releases are amazing and packed with slow doomy melody and emotion. Lost to the Living took a bit to grow on me, but once it did I couldn't get enough of it.

All of these bands (and many, many others on my charts) made up most of my charts, and I love them all. I am happy I have been expanding my horizons to all genres; most genres have at least one gem.

I should be posting more journals in the future, but til then, keep on rockin!



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