We love you, Freddie


17. Jul. 2006, 18:57

okay, i'm officialy saying that I'm addicted to Franz Ferdinand and Final Fantasy. I would be addicted to Naruto too, but the filler episodes suck, so now I'm living without anime. That sucks too, because I want to watch something, so I watch Cartoon Network instead. and yeah.
[to Dexter's laaaab..]

and that little idiot Audioscrobbler won't scrobble my FF's tracks, but I'm calm.
[ harmony, seek harmony...]

So now I'm listening to Queen's 'The Show Must Go On'. I remember Freddie Mercury, and I'm becoming sad, but that somehow brings harmony to me, so I'm heading to watch some of Queen's clips.


  • Taip

    mm. man tai Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends :} bet ir Hi Hi pravaldo.

    30. Jul. 2006, 15:21
  • Feroxas

    Rekomenduoju Live at Wembley 1986 berods taip vadinasi. Kiekvienoje didesnej video-nuomoj rasi. Queen visu grazumu. Neuzsikabliuot neimanoma. Na, nebent jauciant ypac didele antipatija usuotiems vyrams :D

    17. Aug. 2006, 14:38
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